Jusant Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Jusant Featured Image Trophy Guide

On the surface, Jusant may present itself as a climbing game with pretty neat mechanics. But it’s actually closer to Sony’s meditative adventure, Journey. Also, you have a climbing buddy that you can hug at any given opportunity. How adorable is that?

In this Jusant trophy guide, I’ll tell you what you need to do in order the Platinum trophy for this heartfelt climbing adventure. Apart from the eventual climb up, there are other mysteries to solve if you decide to venture off the beaten path.

There are 22 trophies to collect as you climb higher and higher:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 7 Gold trophies
  • 8 Silver trophies
  • 6 Bronze trophies

Jusant Trophy List

Platinum trophy

  • Ballast: Obtain all trophies in the game

Gold trophies

Silver trophies

  • Angel’s Carabiner: Place a piton at the top of a wall run
  • Acrobat: Complete more than 200 jumps or double jumps in one game
  • Bogeychoco: Scare more than 10 chocos back to their burrow
  • Fresh Air: Restore your stamina more than 50 times while climbing
  • Restored Connection: Hug the ballast 20 times
  • Collective Climb: Stop 25 pebbles with a single echo from the ballast
  • Awakened Memory: Use the echo on a frozen ballast in Chapter 6
  • A Faint Glimmer: Warm up the ballast in Chapter 6

Bronze trophies

  • First Contact: Read a letter
  • Back in Motion: Turn an altar
  • An Ear to the Past: Listen to a shell
  • First Stone: Complete a cairn
  • Echo From the Past: Activate a fresco
  • Adventure Buddies: Hug the ballast

Getting the Platinum trophy in Jusant is an easy ask. There are no difficulty-related trophies or speed-run challenges to speak of. All you have to do is keep your eyes peeled for branching paths and literal holes on the side of the mountain. If you don’t get everything organically on your first playthrough of the game, you can simply go to Chapter Select and pick up the collectibles you missed. Please note that you’ll need to finish the game first to unlock Chapter Select.

The game has 105 collectibles in total split between letters, shells, cairns, journal entries, frescos, and altars. Apart from some instances that require time and luck with rope swings, most collectibles are found by looking around your immediate area. You can also check which collectible(s) you missed from the Chapter Select screen.

It’s also worth noting that the game’s last chapter, Chapter 6, does not contain any collectibles.

There are 20 Cairns to complete in the game across multiple chapters. Completing one of them will unlock the First Stone Bronze trophy and completing all of them will earn you the Common Ground Gold trophy.

This is how many Cairns there are in the chapters that have them:

  • 2 in Chapter 1
  • 4 in Chapter 2
  • 7 in Chapter 3
  • 5 in Chapter 4
  • 2 in Chapter 5

Letters are mostly found near and along the critical path, but some are hidden away for safekeeping. There are 44 letters to read in the 5 chapters where are found. You unlock the First Contact Bronze trophy for reading your first letter and the Avid Reader .

  • 7 in Chapter 1
  • 7 in Chapter 2
  • 13 in Chapter 3
  • 15 in Chapter 4
  • 2 in Chapter 5

Bianca’s journal entries are no different from most letters. In fact, if not for the different formatting, you can actually confuse them if you’re looking at who’s sending the message. You get no trophy for reading one for the first time. You do, however, get the Final Ascent Gold trophy for reading all 13 journal entries.

  • 1 in Chapter 1
  • 1 in Chapter 2
  • 6 in Chapter 3
  • 2 in Chapter 4
  • 3 in Chapter 5

Shells are not something you see on a mountain but lo and behold, there are 12 of them scattered around. If you listen to them, you’ll hear some calming tunes before they disappear. You unlock the ‘An Ear to the Past’ Bronze trophy for listening to one and the Sound Archeologist Gold trophy for all shells.

  • 1 in Chapter 1
  • 2 in Chapter 2
  • 3 in Chapter 3
  • 3 in Chapter 4
  • 3 in Chapter 5

Frescos are more hidden compared to other collectibles. You need to activate them to count as a collectible. There are 12 Frescos to find and activate. Starting from level 2, you’ll find 3 Frescos in every level that has collectibles. You’ll usually find them at the end of a branching path in the form of a shadowy crevice. You’ll earn the Echo From the Past Bronze trophy for activating one and the Antique Gallery Manager for activating them all.

And finally, we have the altars as the final collectible. When it comes to altars, there are 4 in total with one being found in every chapter starting from Chapter 2. You unlock the Back in Motion Bronze trophy for turning your first one and then the Cycle Celebration for turning all altars.

The last thing I’ll talk about for this trophy guide is some miscellaneous trophies that require specific actions to unlock.

The best way I’ve been told to unlock the Angel’s Carabiner Silver trophy is to first place a piton (mini-checkpoint) at the top of a wall run. Then you’ll want to start running back and forth until you are close to the top on the other end. (You may want to look for a wall run with a lot of running room.) At the apex of your run, quickly press the piton button to place a new one. This should be enough to satisfy the trophy requirement.

If you’re wondering if you can unlock the Acrobat Silver trophy by standing still and jumping 200 times, then no. You will not unlock it unless you clear gaps. But similar to the Bogeychoco Silver trophy, you’ll get it as you play the game.

While there are no collectibles to be found in Chapter 6, there are a couple of trophies you can still earn by doing specific actions, namely the ‘A Faint Glimmer‘ and ‘Awakened Memory‘ Silver trophies.

To unlock Awakened Memory, all you have to do is approach one of the frozen creatures and press up on the d-pad to use the echo. You’ll see them before climbing the tower. They may appear to be mounds of snow but you’ll see the outline of one if you look closely. And to get A Faint Glimmer, just hold [L2] + [R2] to warm your little friend up.

And that’s everything I have for this Jusant trophy guide. If you ask me, the best way to go about getting the Platinum for this game is to experience the story the first time and then clean up whatever’s left through Chapter Select. But that’s just me. I’ve played enough Journey to know that sometimes it’s not about the destination. And I’ll just leave it at that.