Jusant: All 20 Cairn Locations Guide (Common Ground Achievement)

Learn where to find all the Cairns in Jusant and unlock the Common Ground achievement with the help of this guide.

Jusant Cairns cover

Cairns are interactable objects in Jusant. These are rocks that are stacked up on one another and are used by people who climbed up the Tower as markers, letting other climbers know that they have been there. Read ahead as we share the locations of all the Cairns in Jusant.

There are a total of 20 Cairns to be discovered throughout the game. Since they are a pile of rocks, they can be hard to spot from afar until you approach them, which makes the marker appear on top of them.

Finding all of the Cairns will reward players with the Common Ground achievement.

Chapter 1: Daymark Cairns

Cairn #1 Location

In the huge cavern with the large hall in the distance, climb up the ladder, and instead of heading back out to the main path, follow the ledge path up ahead which ends up at the large hall. Once you’re on the other side, the cairn can be found near the ledge.

Cairn #2 Location

Once you cross the bridge and reach the base of the two towers, take the path on the right side and go around to the back to find the cairn.

Chapter 2: Migration Cairns

Cairn #3 Location

After climbing up and reaching the area where the tanks and boats are, head outside on the ledge overlooking the two towers, then look to the right to find the cairn.

Cairn #4 Location

From the location of the previous shell, follow the path to progress further up until you climb the vine that forks to the left. Take the vine and drop down to the ledge below. Attach your rope to the wall, then rappel down to a good length. You should be able to see the cairn on top of the platform, just above the bar area you’ve been to earlier. Swing towards this platform while adjusting your rope to reach the platform and get the cairn.

Cairn #5 Location

Within the large settlement, make your way up until you reach the top area, where you have to cross a narrow ledge. Before taking the elevator up, head to the circular window where the cairn can be found.

Cairn #6 Location

Within the chasm area, swing using the hanging anchors until you reach the third anchor up top. Before heading through the pathway leading back out, go to the edge up ahead where you’ll find the cairn.

Chapter 3: Solstice Cairns

Cairn #7 Location

At the start of the chapter, follow the main path, and at the first bend, look around to find a cave that leads to the cairn.

Cairn #8 Location

Progress through the first climbing area of the chapter until you reach the ledge with the small alcove. The cairn can be found near the edge, just outside the alcove.

Cairn #9 Location

Upon reaching the area near the broken windmill, head to the side of the ledge next to the dark building, then descend to the lowest level to find the cairn.

Cairn #10 Location

After reaching the white tree, grow the vine on one of the pillars and climb it. Then, jump across the beams towards the left to find the cairn.

Cairn #11 Location

Before crossing the long, broken bridge, look towards the left side of the bridge to find another terrace. Descend to the lowest level of this terrace to find the cairn.

Cairn #12 Location

Progress through the chapter until you reach the boat that is near the edge of the cliff. Go past the boat to find the cairn by the ledge.

Cairn #13 Location

After climbing the large wall full of critters and ending up on the top of a ladder in front of a house, follow the path to the left and cross the narrow ledge. On the other side of the ledge is a room leading right and a hanging anchor you can deploy. Attach to the anchor and then rappel down to reach this cairn.

Chapter 4: Convergence Cairns

Cairn #14 Location

After opening the first gate in the chapter, go through the canal and take the ladder to the left. Cross the plank bridge over to the other side and go inside the room where the cairn is.

Cairn #15 Location

From the second fresco, take the zipline and then ride the elevator up. Once you reach the next room, immediately turn left to find the cairn.

Cairn #16 Location

Progress further into the game where you’ll find a large cavern with a bridge in the middle of it. Latch on to the anchor underneath the bridge, then aim towards the wall with the sparks and vines. Once you reach the wall, wake up the vines and follow the vine that leads to the right. While hanging, look down and make sure that you’re directly on top of the bridge before letting go. The cairn can be found inside a small niche connected to the bridge.

Cairn #17 Location

From the blue cavern with the bridge, continue towards the next yellow-lit area. Once you’re in the green area, turn left to find the cairn.

Cairn #18 Location

After pulling down a bridge and riding an elevator up, turn around from the spiral staircase to find a hanging anchor. Use it to swing to the other side to reach the cairn.

Chapter 5: Mirage Cairns

Cairn #19 Location

Progress through the first climbing part until you reach the two spinning windmills that are stacked. Continue climbing to the right side of them, and you’ll find a settlement. Hug the right side of the settlement to find a small staircase where the cairn can be found.

Cairn #20 Location

Continue past Bianca’s hut, up the long crack on the wall, until you reach the giant fan, which is the goal of this chapter. Turn around and go towards the cave, then turn left to find the final cairn under an arch.

That covers every Cairn locations in Jusant. If you’re looking to find all the other collectibles in the game, you can refer to our complete collectibles guide here.