Kena Bridge of Spirits – Where to find all Meditation Spots

Here's where you can find all meditation spots in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

With the release of the video game Kena: Bridge of Spirits recently, many gamers have been looking for ways to improve the status of the protagonist especially her health. The game can be tough to play with low health, which is why improving it will give players a better chance at winning in combat.

Here is how you can increase the maximum health in Kena: Bridge of Spirits and where to find the Meditation Spots.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits – How to Increase Maximum Health?

To increase Kena’s maximum health, you will need to look for meditation spots. While the in-game currency, Karma, can be collected after winning battles and other game features, it only upgrades Kena’s abilities like her Shield. It does not increase her health specifically, which is the reason why increasing it is an incredible task to do.

Kena Bridge of Spirits – Where to find Meditation Spots?

The meditation points cannot be found easily when you start out. Actually, if you are still in the first 2-3 hours of the game, it will not appear in the main story. After a few hours in though, you will find the first one, which is after the part you ride an elevator up to the top of the mountain and meet with Rusu.

When you find the meditation spot, you can just approach it and a glowing blue circle will appear. Your Rot will even approach and hang around. Touch the circle and press the Interact button, which will cause Kena to do an Indian squat and reflect on her journey. After that, you will notice that her health bar has increased, and can now leave.

These are all of the 12 known Meditation Spots in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Check them all out here:

Village Heart

  • After making it to the Village Heart Warp Spot, you need to continue into the cave. There is a path of the left, turn there and walk until you are outside. Look left and peer below to see a Deadzone Heart that can be destroyed and also rocks that can be used to make a bridge. This will lead you to a Meditation Spot.


  • Defeat Adira in the Fields area and then return to the symbol in the Tower where you started the battle. A Meditation Spot can be found there.
  • Starting at the Tower Entrance Warp Point, circle counterclockwise around the tree until you will meet a large rock formation. Use that to climb to another higher level. From there, circle around the tree on the other way around until you have reached the back of it. There should be ruins directly south of your position. Climb those ruins and find a Meditation Spot.
  • After the battle of the Stone Guardian, enter the building and find the workbench. Go by it and continue walking and then circle to the right. When you meet the dead-end inside another building, you can find marks that can be climbed on. Jump on that and go through a building with the broken roof to find the Meditation Spot.

Forgotten Forest

  • Position yourself in front of the Sacred Tree Warp Point and then go to the west until you get to a bridge over shallow water. Go upstream and then find a crystal that you can shoot with your bow. Hit it and two platforms will show up, which will allow you to continue. There will be a Meditation Spot after that.
  • When you get past the Lantern Cave area, go to the left and up the cliff face. Move forward and continue until there is a Forest Tear seed can be planted nearby. When you look up, there will be gems in the trees. Shoot them all and start the one that is glowing. Plant then seed and cleanse the corruption to the left to find a Meditation Spot.

Taro’s Tree

  • This is easy to do since after winning against Taro, just return to the fallen tree and just meditate on the area where you started the battle.

Rusu Mountain

  • After you have acquired the bow and have started to go down the mountain, you will find the first drawbridge that you are able to lower down. Cross it and heat to the right, where a platform will be found and can be jump over on. Shoot the glowing blue flower and once you get pulled towards it, you will be drawn to the Meditation Spot. This is just right next to Rusu’s Backyard warp point.

Mountain Shrine

  • After completing the game, Kena will be meditating at the Mountain Shrine. Sometimes it would not register, which is some kind of bug of sorts. After she does meditate, go back again to make it register.


Note – these can only be done late in the game.

  1. After you defeat the Warrior, return from the spirit world to find this Meditation Spot near you.
  2. After defeating the Maskmaker, return from the spirit world to find this Meditation Spot near you.
  3. Defeat the Hunter and go back to the physical world to find this Meditation Spot near you.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits is now available on PS4, PS5, and PC.