Kickstarter Project: Wave of Darkness

Independent games developer and publisher Dreamatrix is proud to announce the kickoff of a crowdfunding campaign to support the launch of their ambitious Hack’n’Slash PC RPG, Wave of Darkness.

Gameplay Trailer:

Crowdfunding Campaign:

Offering a vast and impressive fantasy world, Wave of Darkness was developed to hardcore fans of old school RPGs. Players can opt to follow the strict path of the plot and complete main quests in sequence, or opt to roam around freely to truly explore the vast and impressive Danian lands. Interact with NPCs, do side-quests, complete puzzles and battle dangerous enemies. The game offers a deep and complex gameplay experience with more than 70 hours of play, and its hundreds of features will impress even the most experienced of players. With its comprehensive crafting system, original spell-generator, system of sacrifices, new gods, compelling storyline, future modding capability, streaming technology, adventurous mini-games and endless slashing, blasting and looting, Wave of Darkness is truly a Hack’n’Slash force to be reckoned with!

Dreamatrix is no stranger to running successful crowdfunding campaigns. Legends Of Dawn was funded in 2013, and the developer promises special rewards and extras to its existing fan-base, and offers a great selection of perks to everyone supporting Wave of Darkness. Even $1 backers can choose from one of three Spaceforce games (Spaceforce Rouge Universe is an amazing Elite-like space sim), and $5 will get the trio of titles.

Wave of Darkness offers a large, open-ended rich fantasy world with free character development and advanced combat and survival features. Fans of RPGs looking for the ultimate gameplay experience will embrace the games addictive play, tons of customization and countless hours of fun!