Legend of Heroes Kai No Kiseki Farewell, O Zemurai Announced

Kai No Kiseki Announcement Featured Image

Nihon Falcom has made a huge announcement regarding their next Legend of Heroes and fans will get to see the next arc of the game. With an official post from Falcom JP and sneak peek images, fans such as myself are astounded by what could happen outside of Zemuria.

Kai No Kiseki Farewell, O Zemurai Official Announcement

In a recent live stream event held by Nihon Falcom, the developers of the Kiseki announced the next title that will mark the 20th anniversary of the Kiseki series entitled, Kai No Kiseki – Farewell, O Zemurai –.

According to the main website:

“C. Epstein, the father of the orbal revolution, prophesized the end of the Zemurian continent. As “X Day” approaches, a massive orbal rocket is about to be launched from a large military base built in the Kunlun Range. Can a man make it past the planet’s atmosphere?
What lies at the end of the continent?
Will mankind be able to uncover the true nature of the ‘world’?

While the whole world watches to witness the largest undertaking since the dawn of history, somewhere in the singularity that is Ored, forces from all over the land are about to gather, including a young “Spriggan.
Will the single trail toward the distant heavens ultimately shape the future of Zemuria, or…”

Kai no Kiseki Farewell, O Zemurai will be released next year, 2024. No news yet on what consoles it will be released but chances are it will be released first for the PlayStation 5 and later on, for the PC and Nintendo Switch.

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