LEGO Fortnite: How to Get Balloons

LEGO Fortnite How to Get Balloons

With a creative imagination, there’s nothing Balloons can’t do in LEGO Fortnite. It’s one of the most versatile structures you can build, allowing you to make flying contraptions that can function like an air vehicle. There’s no shortage of things you can create with a balloon, but you’ll first need to learn how to make one. Read ahead as we show you how to unlock and make balloons in LEGO Fortnite.

How to Unlock Balloons

Unlock Balloons through loom - LEGO Fortnite

To unlock Balloons, you first need to build a Loom Station using x6 Sand Claw, x8 Flexwood Rod, and x9 Flexwood. Once done, use the loom station to craft Silk Fabric using 5 Silk Threads, and you’ll unlock the recipe to make Balloons.

Your best bet to get Flexwood (chop down cacti) and Sand Claw (kill sand wolves) is in the Dry Valley biome. You can easily find Silk by defeating Spider enemies in the Grasslands biome. There’s no shortage of these resources in both biomes, and monsters aren’t too hard to beat, which should go down with a couple of swings from your fists or weapons.

How to Make Balloons

You can build balloons at any time once you’ve unlocked them. Just open the Building menu and go to the Toys tab, where you can make it for a Silk Fabric, a Torch, and a Cord.

The materials to make a single Balloon are rather simple as they’re all beginner items that can be found at the start of the game. A Torch can be made with x3 Vines and x5 Wood. You can make a Cord by collecting x5 Vines which can be done by chopping grass with an axe or harvesting from pumpkin patches.

LEGO Fortnite air traversal using balloons

As you can already guess, balloons can be used to make structures fly in the sky. They’re not just for decoration, and you can choose between building a small balloon or a larger one depending on what you need.

Considering that LEGO Fortnite doesn’t really have any real vehicles at the moment, building something to traverse by air is one of the fastest ways to get around. Of course, you’d have to be imaginative because you’ll also need to figure out how to get down from the sky.

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