LEGO Fortnite: Where to Find Desert Caves

Here's where to find lava caves in the harsh dry valley of LEGO Fortnite

Each biome in LEGO Fortnite has its own dungeons, like the harsh desert caves in your generated world. Although they are a good way to gather up rare resources, caves aren’t available on the surface and are usually hard to find. Read ahead as we show you how to find Desert Caves in LEGO Fortnite, the resources they contain, and the risks you face when exploring them.

Where to find Desert Caves in LEGO Fortnite

Desert Caves can only be found in the Dry Valley biome of LEGO Fortnite. This biome is a vast desert canyon where it’s extremely hot during the day and cold during the night. Without the right charms and consuming certain foods, you won’t last long.

Because of LEGO Fortnite’s procedural generation, there’s no way to say where a desert cave will spawn on your map. You’ll have to keep looking for a cave entrance until you find one. Just ensure you survive the harsh conditions until you do so.

It’s important to note that desert caves aren’t necessarily lava caves just because they’re found in the same biome. I had encountered a cave in the Dry Valley biome without any lava and had none of its unique enemies like Blasters. Though it still had the resources you’d come to expect from lava caves like Marble and Rough Ruby,.

Desert Caves in LEGO Fortnite

The easiest way to look for desert caves is by spotting rock formations with a hole at the front. These are what cave entrances normally look like. Normally, you can come across one by scouring on foot, though your best bet is to get to a higher place to look at the surrounding area.

This is where balloons will really help, as they can be useful for building structures that float to the sky. You can build something that lets you traverse the skies to be able to spot caves far down below. Just be sure that you can find a way down as well.

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