All Unlockable Characters in Tuanul Village LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

A guide on how to get all unlockable characters from Tuanul Village in LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga.

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Tuanul Village Characters

Tuanul Village is a village that players can visit in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga where they can partake in missions and search for collectibles. It was based on the the village in Jakku where Kylo Ren and his army raided in his search for Luke Skywalker. Among the collectibles that can be found in the area are three playable characters that you can unlock and add to your roster.

In this guide, we will look into the steps on how to get the unlockable characters in Tuanul Village.

Who are the Characters that can be Unlocked in Tuanul Village?

The characters that can be unlocked in Tuanul Village are:

  • Sidon Ithano
  • Teedo
  • Sandtrooper

Sidon Ithano

To unlock Sidon Ithano, you must complete the Dodginess Manifest side mission. But before you can access the house to start the mission, you must first complete the Dodgy Dwellings Puzzle by talking to the Stormtroopers guarding the house located at the southeast corner of the Tuanul Village.

You will then need to get a password from the building located southwest of Federal District in Coruscant. Use a Villain to access the terminal and get the conveyor belt going, and then use a Protocol Droid to disassemble itself to get into the building via the conveyor belt. Once inside, reassemble the droid and get the password for the Tuanul Residence from the password terminal. Go back to Tuanul Village and use the password to open the house.

Enter the house and break the box immediately to the left of the entrance to reveal a datalog. As a Bounty Hunter, speak to the Stormtrooper with the mission bubble above his head to start the mission. You need to look at the datalog on the ground to figure out the planets the droid dealer was referring to in their report.

Sidon Ithano - All unlockable characters in Tuanul Village LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

You can then talk to the Astromech Droid near the door and pay it 10,000 studs to get the answers which are Takodana and Jakku. Head to Takodana and you will see an NPC with some info. Use a Protocol Droid to talk to this NPC. Then, head on to the next location which is located on top of a wall who will tell you that the droid dealer was last seen in Cantonica.

Head to the Casino in Canto Bight to meet up with the Stormtroopers. You can speak to the other marked guests in the Casino to narrow down the droid dealer’s location, or you can head directly to the table northwest of where the Stormtroopers are to find the droid dealer. He will then flee the Casino but won’t get too far. You’ll then have to fight Sidon Ithano.

After his first phase, Sidon Ithano will jump up the building and hide behind a shield. You must defeat the two adds beside him to force him to come back down. He will repeat this pattern until his HP is gone. Talk to the droid dealer once more to complete the mission and unlock Sidon Ithano as a playable character, plus a bonus Kyber Brick.


Use a Protocol Droid to talk to the Teedo at the center of Tuanul Village to start the Luggabeast of Burden side mission. He will ask you to find his Luggabeast in Niima Outpost. Head to the outpost and find the Luggabeast. Once found, you must first lower its HP before you can capture it. Report back to the Teedo at the Tuanul Village to complete the mission and unlock Teedo as a playable character.

Teedo - All unlockable characters in Tuanul Village LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga


Go to the northwest side of Tuanul Village and talk to Granny Greenthumb to start the Seeking Seeds side mission. She will ask for some seeds from Naboo to grow them in Jakku.

You then need to fly to Naboo and visit the Gungan City to get the seeds. Go to the bubble in the 1 o’clock position to find the Gungan Greenthumb. She will ask you to find a missing key first which can be found on a platform just below the bubble.

Fetch the key and then head back up the bubble to open the box where the seeds are. After collecting the seeds, report back to Granny Greenthumb at the Tuanul Village to complete the mission and unlock the Sandtrooper as a playable character.

Sandtrooper - All unlockable characters in Tuanul Village LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

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