Lethal Company: How to Steal and Collect a Bee Hive

Learn how to get beehives and sneak past the deadly circuit bees easily with the help of this guide.

How to Steal Bee Hives in Lethal Company

The task of stealing bee hives in Lethal Company is more difficult than it sounds. Territorial bees won’t be too happy with you taking their home and you can expect them to defend it with their lives. It may seem like too much for such a small task but bee hives are actually worth quite a bit in Lethal Company making them worth stealing.

Read on, and this guide will teach you how to safely get bee hives in Lethal Company and fill in the quota.

How to Steal Bee Hives in Lethal Company

Lethal Company How to Steal and Collect a Bee Hive

To steal beehives safely, you’ll need to first lure out the bees before coming back for the beehive. This is safer with two people, with one acting as bait and the other acting as the thief. After baiting the Circuit Bees away, grab the bee hive, run back to the ship, and then close the door to collect it.

  • Bait the bees away from the beehive with one player
  • Wait until the bees are far away enough
  • Have another player steal the bee hive
  • Make sure that player runs in the opposite direction

A single bee hive is worth about 100 credits. They spawn randomly around the map in Lethal Company. Bee hives are also guarded by Circuit Bees, which will sting you to a game over if you get too close. Once you get near a certain radius of the bee hive, these bees will automatically attack you.

Once you’ve caught the Circuit Bees’ attention, they will follow you, but not very far. This makes it a bit hard to steal the beehive by yourself unless you really know what you’re doing. Circle around the bees, grab the bee hive, and make a run for it.

Dropping the beehive means you have to start over again. Thankfully, if you have another crew member with you, you can just collect the corpse if one of you dies and take it back to Home Base. It won’t bring them back, but it’ll save you from getting a penalty.

How Dangerous are Beehives in Lethal Company

If they catch you, Circuit Bees can be almost as dangerous as sentry turrets. Due to how dangerous getting bee hives can be in Lethal Company, you’re better off leaving them along if you don’t have other crew members with you. Unless you’re starving to really reach the quota, it can be too dangerous to take a bee hive on your own if you aren’t practiced.

Circuit Bees are only really aggressive if you’re too close to their hive. They’ll go back to their post once you get back a certain distance. However, once you steal their beehive, they will hunt down players until they find their beehive back.

That explains how steal and collect a Bee Hive in Lethal Company. For more guides and walkthroughs, feel free to check out our main page for Lethal Company here.