The 12 Best Lethal Company Mods For All Players

Best Lethal Company Mods featured

Lethal Company is a multiplayer horror game with a ton of mods available to install. You can alter the gameplay with these mods for a more fun time with your friends.

With Lethal Company being on early access, there’s a lot of mods available to make up for the lack of features in the game. You can potentially add convenient features like the ability to invite friends during sessions, invite more than 4 people, having a specific key to turn on your flashlight, and more. All it takes is a bit of modding.

We’ve dabbled with modding Lethal Company ourselves and found it enjoyable. There’s a lot of replayability value offered by this game that can be enhanced by mods.

MoreCompany Mod

MoreCompany mod - Lethal Company

When you have more than four people to play with, MoreCompany increases the number of players who can join your session. Excursions to various moons are always dangerous, and things will be so much better with an extra head on your crew. The one player who couldn’t join the game doesn’t have to wait until someone needs to log off to play with his friends.

MoreCompany is an easy mod to install. Initially, it supported up to 32 players, but now it allows you to team up to 50 players in a single session. That’s one cramped spaceship. We don’t recommend playing with more than 8 people if you can help it.

LateCompany Mod

LateCompany mod - Lethal Company

Unfortunately, Lethal Company doesn’t allow you to invite friends once you’ve already landed on any of the moons at the start of the session. If you want to invite a latecomer, you’ll have to quit the session and start a new one. LateCompany gets rid of the hassle and lets your friends join at any time.

LateCompany is a must considering the current state of Lethal Company’s early access. It can be really annoying to have to quit the game just to invite another player to an ongoing session. This way, if anyone is ever late to the party, you can keep it going without taking any breaks.

More Suits Mod

More Suits mod - Lethal Company

More Suits does exactly what it says: it gives your crew more outfits to wear. Lethal Company does allow you to purchase suits from the terminal, but there aren’t that many of them. As a bonus, this mod also gives you the ability to customize your looks.

By adding PNG files to the “moresuits” folder in Lethal Company’s directory, you can customize your very own suit. However, all players should share the same files in order to prevent compatibility issues from happening. You should share the PNG files with your friends if you’re planning to play with them.

ShipLoot Mod

ShipLoot mod - Lethal Company

Scanning doesn’t always show the accurate value of how much the scrap you’ve collected in your ship is worth. ShipLoot addresses this and makes sure that you know exactly how much credit you’ll earn for all the scrap in your ship. It’s helpful in missing that unforgivable quota.

Your scanner doesn’t really pick up more than 16 things at once. So once you’ve collected a lot of scrap, you can’t really tell how much it’s worth unless you install ShipLoot.

Better Stamina Mod

Better Stamina mod - Lethal Company

Ever thought that your crew might be out of shape? Better Stamina gives you more stamina to work with before getting tired and faster stamina regeneration. Those working for the company should be physically fit after all.

With Better Stamina, you won’t have to worry as much about conserving stamina. Moons only give you a very limited amount of time to gather as much scrap before getting out of there, so you’ll want to run around as much as you can before the clock hits midnight.

AlwaysHearActiveWalkies Mod

AlwaysHearActiveWalkies mod - Lethal Company

Walkie-talkies have limited functionality in Lethal Company. AlwaysHearActiveWalkies is a mod that allows you to hear conversations done through the walkie-talkie so long as they’re turned on and nearby. You’ll be able to hear conversations if you’re near an active walkie-talkie.

AlwaysHearActiveWalkies also helps when you’re carrying heavy items, so you don’t need to switch to your walkie-talkie whenever you’re using it. This mod makes walkie-talkies a lot more active and better to use.

ReservedWalkieSlot Mod

ReservedWalkieSlot mod - Lethal Company

Lethal Company doesn’t give you much inventory slots to work with. With ReservedWalkieSlot, you’ll have a dedicated slot in your inventory for your walkie-talkies. You can carry more items this way.

Press R on your keyboard if you want to talk to your teammates. You’ll be able to use the other slots to carry more scrap or other equipment that could otherwise be more important.

ReservedFlashlightSlot Mod

ReservedFlashlightSlot mod - Lethal Company

Lethal Company only allows you to use your flashlight when you have it equipped. The ReservedFlashlightSlot mod gives you a dedicated key to turn it on and off. It’s a lot more useful than it sounds, especially if you’re carrying a heavy item you don’t want to drop.

By pressing F on your keyboard, you can toggle your flashlight on and off. It’s a simple mod, but it adds quite a bit of utility since you don’t have to constantly switch to your flashlight just to turn it on.

Minimap Mod

Minimap mod - Lethal Company

If you’re playing alone, then Minimap should help make Lethal Company more tolerable to play. Without someone on the ship, it can be easy to get lost and not know where you’re going. This mod gives you a minimap on your screen that does the same job as the map in the terminal.

Using this mod does make the game a bit easier since Lethal Company relies on unpredictability for those fun moments. However if you’re playing alone or want an advantage, this is the mod you want.

Helmet Cameras Mod

Helmet Cameras mod - Lethal Company

Helmet Cameras address the lack of visibility in Lethal Company. Unless you’re spectating another player after being killed, you can’t really see what’s going on directly. This mod adds cameras to your crewmates’ heads so you can see it from their point of view on your ship’s terminal.

Because of how Helmet Cameras work, they’ll mostly be used by the one crewmate who stayed on the ship. It’s helpful to give them an idea of what’s currently going on since the View Monitor map can be unhelpful at times.

HD Lethal Company Mod

HD Lethal Company mod - Lethal Company

For better visual quality, HD Lethal Company is the mod for you. Lethal Company isn’t exactly the best-looking game, but you can improve its looks using this mod. It makes the environment easier to navigate since you’ll know what you’re looking at.

HD Lethal Company also makes the monsters scarier. So if you ever come across a Bracken, it may be more intimidating than usual.

Pinger Mod

Pinger mod - Lethal Company

The lack of a proper ping system in Lethal Company doesn’t make things any easier. Pinger is a mod that adds a ping system to the game, so you have to rely on describing where you’re looking at using your mic. Without this mod, your only hope is to use the emotes by pointing.

Pinger is no doubt revolutionary in Lethal Company, and one we hope will be added in future updates. It just makes it easier to communicate with your team.

That sums up all the best mods for all players to use while working for the company. For more guides and walkthroughs, feel free to check out our main page for Lethal Company here.