Lies of P: How to Beat the Parade Master Boss

Lies of P how to beat Parade Master cover

The Parade Master is the very first boss you’ll encounter in Lies of P. If you thought the game was a bit easy for a Soulslike, then you may be in for a rude awakening. The Parade Master’s huge frame makes him a challenge for new players to take down. In this guide, we’ll show you how to beat the Parade Master in Lies of P.

How to Beat Parade Master in Lies of P

The best strategy to beat the Parade Master is to wait until it attacks and then counter. The Parade Master is vulnerable to fast attacks from weapons like the Wintry Rapier thanks to its somewhat long recovery time after attacks. His weapon can also break upon using Perfect Blocks.

The Parade Master may look slow but it can suddenly close in any distance with its charge attack. However his close-ranged attacks like his arm sweep and body slam are heavily telegraphed and are easy to block and dodge. If you didn’t pick the Wintry Rapier to fight it, then it’s not a problem since he leaves a lot of openings anyway.

For its first phase, the Parade Master will use its claws to primarily deal damage. It will also charge at you to close in the distance or use its body slam to flatten you. These are telegraphed and can easily be dodged or blocked.

After taking enough damage, the Parade Master will enter its second phase and attach its head to a stick to use it as a weapon while it enters a more aggressive state. It’ll start to swing its attacks more often. If you can get a Perfect Guard while its in this state, you can break its weapon and then do a Fatal Attack to take out a large chunk of its health.

Don’t get greedy and maintain distance whenever you need to restore your health. After repeatedly counter attacking the Parade Master after is attacks, it’ll eventually go down.

How to Beat Parade Master in Lies of P

Since this is the first boss of the game, an encounter against the Parade Master has you a bit unprepared. There’s a wandering merchant and stargazer just before the boss arena that you can use to buy items and restore your health. We suggest using what you’ve gathered to increase your stats first before facing against this boss.

Lies of P Parade Master Boss Fight Rewards

Defeating the Parade Master rewards you with the Parade Leader’s Ergo, Quartz, and 1852 Ergo. You’ll have to wait until a little later before you can use the Quartz but you can use the Parade Master boss’ Ergo to get up to 5000 Ergo for more stat investments.

The Parade Master is just a taste of the many boss fights you’ll eventually encounter in Lies of P. Check out our guide that lists all the Lies of P bosses you’ll have to face as you progress and how to beat them.