Lies of P: How to Get the Parade Leader’s Ergo

This guide talks about the Parade Leader's Ergo in Lies of P, and answers questions like how to get it and should it be used right away.

Lies of P Parade Leader's Ergo cover

The Parade Leader’s Ergo is a special boss Ergo drop in Lies of P. This is one of the early boss Ergos that can be obtained in the game. It can be used outright to get a substantial boost through the early chapters, or it can be saved up to use for some powerful gear that can be obtained in a later chapter.

Read ahead as we talk more about the Parade Leader’s Ergo in Lies of P, how to obtain it, and how to use it in the game.

How to get the Parade Leader’s Ergo

The Parade Leader’s Ergo can be obtained by defeating the Parade Master in Chapter 1.

Should the Parade Leader’s Ego be used for leveling up or save it?

The answer will depend on which playthrough you are at right now.

If you are on your first playthrough, it’s best to keep the Parade Leader’s Ergo and not use it to level up as it can be used to purchase the Seven-Coil Spring Sword and the Dancing One’s Amulet from Alidoro the Hound.

Alidoro the Hound can be first encountered in St. Frangelico Cathedral in Chapter 4. He is a collector and he can sell you special weapons and amulets in exchange for the boss Ergos that you acquire. Since you can only obtain one boss Ergo per type in a single run, it will take at least two runs to be able to purchase the items that require a specific Ergo from his shop.

If you have already purchased all that you can get for the Parade Leader’s Ergo from Alidoro, then you may want to use it as soon as you can get it as it can provide around 2 to 3 levels with its 5,000 Ergo.