Lies of P: How to Beat the Survivor Boss

Lies of P how to beat Survivor Cover

The Survivor is an optional boss encounter in Lies of P. Sure, he may not be as big as some of the other bosses in the game and stands at about shoulder height with our protagonist, but he more than makes up for it with his fast, deadly attacks. Blink, and you may just find yourself sliced to ribbons.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to beat the Survivor in Lies of P.

Where to Find the Survivor in Lies of P?

You can find the Survivor in the Venigni Works Control Room stargazer. Drop off the platform and go through the door. Run past the hanging puppets and descend down the ladder, where you’ll encounter the Survivor boss fight.

When running past the puppets, make sure to be swift, since if you’re too slow, they’ll drop down and attack you. Once you descend down the ladders, the Survivor boss fight will start. While you can fight the Survivor early in the game, we suggest you do a bit of grinding first to ensure you have the optimal stats and the best Legion Arms, so fighting him can be a cake walk.

How to Beat the Survivor in Lies of P

Use Acid attacks and Fatal Attack back strikes to quickly beat the Survivor as he’s extremely vulnerable to them. A fast weapon like the Wintry Rapier which you can choose at the start of the game is excellent against the Survivor. Use Acid Abrasive to coat your weapon in Acid so that back strikes against the Survivor will be even more effective.

Beware that the Survivor is extremely agile and strikes almost relentlessly. To prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario, make sure to equip anti-piercing armor like the one Pulcinella is selling at Hotel Krat. Keep your distance until the Survivor telegraphs a spinning move where he’ll have a small opening from his back. Quickly tap either R1/RB to do a Fatal Attack back strike, which deals a lot of damage to him once the prompt appears. If you’re too late, strike his back with Acid Abrasive for extra damage.

After hitting the Survivor repeatedly with acid attacks and back strikes, he’ll go down without much trouble. However, you should take care because the boss arena you fight the Survivor in is pretty small, and you’ll easily find yourself backed into a corner.

Lies of P Survivor Boss Fight Rewards

After defeating the Survivor in Lies of P, you’ll get the Survivor’s Hunting Apparel (Outfit) and Survivor’s Mask (Accessory) which are cosmetic items. You’ll also get Ergo Drops to help you level up.

The Survivor isn’t the only optional boss fight in Lies of P. Check out our guide for the Lies of P bosses you’ll encounter to know how to beat them.