Lies of P: How to Beat the Puppet of the Future

Lies of P How to Beat Puppet of the Future cover

The Puppet of the Future is a particularly difficult boss fight in Lies of P because of the environment you fight it in. You’ll encounter this giant robot in a trench of poisonous water, which is where most of the trouble fighting it comes from. In this guide, we’ll show you the best strategy to beat the Puppet of the Future in Lies of P.

How to Beat Puppet of the Future in Lies of P

The easiest way to beat the Puppet of the Future boss drain the arena of poison by pulling a switch in an area nearby. The boss itself is easy to fight against because of how its attacks are easy to Perfect Guard against. However fighting it with the poison active on the trench easily builds up Corruption.

Unlike other Lies of P bosses, you can actually avoid the Puppet of the Future boss entirely by running past it. However you’ll get more out of the fight if you face it head on. To do that without problems, you need to find the switch that disables the poison around the trench so you can fight it without your health going down.

From the stargazer, head up the stairs and take a right on the fork in the path. Stick towards a small opening on the left because boulders will roll on your position. Ignore the puppets on that hall and keep going until you see an entrance to the right. Keep following the path straight until you reach the end with a large red pipe that forms an opening to the left. Go through the pipe and go left near the end. An enemy will bust through the wall. Defeat it and pull the switch. You can open the shortcut door to the left to get out quickly.

Now that the poison has been dealt with, you can fight the Puppet of the Future boss without having to worry about your health constantly draining. Without the poison surrounding the arena, this boss is actually simple to beat. You better have been practicing your Perfect Guards because this boss’ attacks are heavily telegraphed and easy to dodge.

The Puppet of the Future will attack with its wrecking ball arms and you’ll definitely start to see it move before it does so. It also has a revolving attack which you should dodge between its legs to get out of the way. Occasionally it will also stomp its feet on your location.

After it attacks, it will have a brief moment where it’ll be open for a counter. The Puppet of the Future has a large health pool so you’ll have to chip it away bit by bit. If you looted the Puppet Destroyer Amulet from Krat City Hall, equip it to save a lot of time.

Lies of P Puppet of the Future Boss Fight Rewards

Defeating the Puppet of the Future Boss rewards you with these items:

  • Radiant Ergo Chunk
  • Quartz

Quartz can be used to upgrade you P-Organs and the Radiant Ergo Chunk can be used to gain more Ergo for further enhancements. You can read about what to do with Boss’ Ergos you pick up from our guide here.