Lies of P Bosses Guide: How to Beat Each Boss

Lies of P bosses guide cover

The Lies of P bosses will really test your mettle. Like many Souslike games, these unique enemy encounters are characterized by their larger health pools, special attacks, and unpredictable patterns that set them apart from the regular fold. Better prepare yourself because there are a lot of boss fights in Lies of P.

Here’s a guide that shows you the Lies of P bosses you’ll have to fight and how to beat them.

Lies of P Bosses List

Here are the list of Lies of P bosses you’ll face in the game:

Lies of P Main Boss Fights

Lies of P Optional Boss Fights

The lists above are a work in progress; we'll make sure to update this article once we come up with the best strategy to defeat each boss in Lies of P.

The Lies of P boss fights are extremely tough, each having their own unique mannerisms that can make it hard to predict their attacks. They hit hard and can kill you in a matter of seconds if you’re not prepared.

Thankfully you need not fight the Lies of P bosses without any help. You can equip various weapons and Legion Arms to even the playing field. As you grind through the levels, you can increase your stats to better prepare you against these boss fights. Some bosses will require unique strategies to beat so you’ll have to prepare yourself with the right tools.

We’re still in the middle of completing this guide to include all the Lies of P bosses as there are many in the game. This also includes the True Final Boss of Lies of P which you can only encounter if you did specific things that involves the Lies and Truths mechanics of the game.