Lies of P: How to Beat the Shield Zombie

This guide shares the strategies on how to defeat the Shield Zombie in Lies of P.

Lies of P Shield Zombie cover

The Shield Zombie is one of the elite enemies in Lies of P. It is a carcass enemy that has mutated one of its limbs into a tough shield. It then uses its shield to deflect most attacks as well as bash any target that it sets its eyes on.

Read ahead as we share some strategies to defeat the Shield Zombie in Lies of P.

How to Beat the Shield Zombie in Lies of P

Your first encounter with the Shield Zombie will be in Chapter 4 in the St. Frangelico Cathedral, where it is a mandatory boss to defeat in order to progress. It also appears in later chapters.

This enemy has one large arm that it can enlarge to turn into a shield or a club, depending on what attack it will do. Both states of the arm are tough and can deflect any attacks. On the other hand, they can still be parried or blocked, like with any other attack or weapon.

Its main attacks are done with its shield arm, like its shield charge and shield bash. Most of these shield attacks are often used within close range or to close the gap, while club attacks are used at midrange.

Lies of P Shield Zombie

A good strategy is to be evasive and wait for it to commit an attack. Then, quickly reposition your character behind its back, where it is vulnerable. Focus on blocking its strikes, especially its club attacks, which have a slow recovery, to get good openings for heavy strikes.

Carcass enemies are weak to fire, so use a fire weapon or throw some thermites at it if you have any.

For the Shield Zombie that blocks that path in Chapter 4, there is a ladder on the side that you can use for a cheese tactic. Get the enemy’s aggro, then immediately climb the ladder to reach the platform. Then, aim at the enemy and do a landing slash. This will stun the enemy for a bit, allowing you to land a few more hits. Afterwards, lure the enemy away from the ladder, rinse, and repeat the process until it’s dead.