Lies of P Stat Soft Caps Guide

Lies of P Soft Caps cover

The Lies of P soft caps for your stats may hinder you if you’re going for a certain build. It’s helpful to know your limits before you decide to invest points heavily into a certain stat. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about the Lies of P soft caps, ensuring you’re well-prepared to optimize your character’s stats effectively.

What Are Soft Caps in Lies of P?

Lies of P has soft caps where you manually invest points into certain stats. Like many Soulsborne games, you will encounter diminishing returns once one of your stats reaches a certain threshold. This limits how much points you’d want to allocate to a certain stat.

Many players love to experiment with builds by allocating certain points. And because of this you may have heard others min-maxing their stats. Soft caps prevent players from investing in a stat too much and encourage them to spread their points more often.

Stat Soft Cap Limit in Lies of P

The Lies of P soft caps seem to around 60. After you invest more points in a stat that goes past that number, you’ll start getting diminishing returns. When this happens, you’re better off allocating your points to a different stat. Be careful not to invest too much to one stat alone.

Once you notice that investing in a certain stat doesn’t give you as much returns as it did before, you’ve hit the Lies of P soft cap. There are those who report that they noticed that stats start to slow down around 20’s but still got good bonuses from reaching beyond 30.

Stats Meaning


What They Affect


Maximum HP, Guard Regain, and Elemental Resistances




Carry Limit and Legion Arm Weight Threshold


Weapon Damage and Legion Arm Damage that scales with Advance


Weapon Damage and Legion Arm Damage that scales with Motivity


Weapon Damage and Legion Arm Damage that scales with Technique

How to Respect Stats in Lies of P

Go to the Saintess of Mercy Statue to respec your stat points at any time. However it isn’t for free as resetting stat points costs you Gold Coin Fruits.

The Saintess of Mercy Statue only becomes available after you’ve beaten Champion Victor at the Grand Exhibition Gallery in Chapter 7. After you’ve done so, talk to Marcus and he’ll give you the key which unlocks the indoor garden where the statue is just east of where you fought Champion Victor.

As previously mentioned, a reset of your stat points costs Gold Coin Fruits which are also used to upgrade your Legion Arm and P-Organ. Gold Coin Fruits can be gained from the Cold Gold Fruit Tree that you can access after you meet Giangio in the Rabbit Brotherhood’s den.