Where to find Kappa Statue in Like a Dragon Gaiden (How ‘Bout Them Kappas Request)

Learn where to find the Kappa Statue and complete the "How 'Bout Them Kappas" Request with the help of this guide.

Like a Dragon Gaiden Where to Find the Kappa Statue

You may have never noticed a Kappa Statue in Like a Dragon Gaiden, despite wandering Sotenbori for a good while now. Akame’s Network gives you a chance to really get to know Sotenbori intimately, as one of the requests you encounter asks you to find a Kappa Statue for a man who wants to revitalize the city. It’s harder to find than it looks, as it blends into the background rather well.

Where to find the Kappa Statue

You can find the Kappa Statue on the Sotenbori Footpath underneath the Bishamon Bridge, next to the Sotenbori River. It’s on the opposite side of where you talk to the Man with an Idea to receive the “How ‘Bout Them Kappas” request. You’ll find the Kappa directly on top of one of the stone slab garden beds.

Where to find Kappa Statue in Like a Dragon Gaiden

At a glance, the Kappa Statue kind of looks like a humanoid figure with a pig’s head or duck face when viewed from the front. Kappas are famous in Japanese folklore, which can turn hostile when not properly respected as gods. That weird dish on its head is said to retain water, which, if lost, severely weakens the Kappa.

The Kappa is a strange-looking mythical creature, so you most likely won’t recognize the statue as one even if you’ve been running on the southern Sotenbori Footpath for a long time now.

Kappa Statue in Like a Dragon Gaiden

Once you start the “How ‘Bout Them Kappas” request, an eye icon will appear on top of the statue. So when walking on the lower Sotenbori footpath, you can’t miss it.

How to Complete “How ‘Bout Them Kappas” Request

First, start the request by talking to the Man with an Idea sitting on a bench at the northern footpath. He’ll ask you to find a kappa for him. Immediately go to the opposite footpath by crossing either of the bridges.

From there, look for a statue that sticks out on the garden beds. You’ll find the Kappa Statue right in the middle of the footpath. Pull out Kiryu’s camera with the D-pad on controllers or C on keyboard by default and take a photo of it. Kiryu will then comment about returning to the old man to tell him what he found.

Man with an Idea - Like A Dragon Gaiden How to Complete How 'Bout Them Kappas

Go back to the Man with an Idea on the opposite side and talk with him once more. This will complete the “How ‘Bout Them Kappas” request and give you 40,000 yen and 1,000 Akame Points.

That explains how to find the Kappa Statue and complete the “How ‘Bout Them Kappas” Request in Like a Dragon Gaiden. For more tutorials and walkthroughs, feel free to check them out on our main page for Like a Dragon Gaiden.