Like a Dragon Gaiden: Find the Terrifying Beings! Request Guide

Like a Dragon Gaiden Find Three Terrifying Beings featured

A request from the Puzzle-Solving Girl in Like a Dragon Gaiden has you looking for three terrifying beings in Sotenbori. You aren’t given much of a hint other than that one breathes fire, one summons lightning, and the other one is poisonous. These clues are incredibly vague to go on with, so I’m here to give you a hand in finding them.

In this guide, I’ll teach you where to find and capture the three terrifying beings in Like a Dragon Gaiden to complete this part of Akame’s Network requests.

Where to find and capture three Terrifying Beings

These three terrifying beings are actually outdoor decor that is located on Sotenbori St. Capturing them really just involves taking a photo of all three at once, which you can do from W. Sotenbori St.

Like A Dragon Gaiden Where to find and capture three Terrifying Beings

Remember the Cabaret Club that Majima runs in Yakuza 0? Stand outside of there and whip out your camera. Look at the buildings towards Sotenbori St. for a green dragon on the left, a blue elephant in the center, and some type of poisonous fish to the right. Make sure to take a photo of all three of them together; otherwise, it won’t count.

Thankfully, you’ll know when the shot is good because the prompt for “Take Photos” will appear on your screen if you’re positioned right. If it doesn’t appear, it means you need to reposition or get closer for a better angle.

How to complete “Find the Terrifying Beings!” Request

The Terrifying Beings is one of the requests you get from the Puzzle-Solving Girl at the STIJL bar. Once you accept the request, head outside through the elevator and then go left from the street until you reach past the street light near W. Sotenbori St.

From here, pull out your camera and aim it at the street light at the center until you see the prompt to “Take Photos.” Press A on Xbox or X on PlayStation. If you take a photo without the prompt even with all three Terrifying Beings together in one shot, it won’t count.

Correct Photo Angle of the Three Terrifying Beings - Like A Dragon Gaiden

You’ll know that you got it right because Kiryu will comment that he should report back to the Puzzle-Solving Girl. So go back to the STIJL bar, which you just came from, and talk to her. This will complete the “Find the Terrifying Beings!” request, which gives you 25,000 yen and 700 points.

The Puzzle-Solving Girl still isn’t going to be done with Kiryu. She’ll still ask him to find a cute cafe for her as a final request before you two are done.

That explains how to find the Terrifying Beings and complete the “Find the Terrifying Beings!” Request in Like a Dragon Gaiden. For more tutorials and walkthroughs, feel free to check them out on our main page for Like a Dragon Gaiden.