Like a Dragon: Ishin Chapter 1 Escaping Home Walkthrough

How to complete Chapter 1: Escaping Home in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Chapter 1 Escaping Home cover

Escaping Home is Chapter 1 of Like a Dragon: Ishin! The main protagonist, Sakamoto Ryoma, has returned back home to Tosa after training in Edo.

Read ahead as we go through the events in Like a Dragon: Ishin! Chapter 1: Escaping Home.

Chapter 1: Escaping Home Objectives

  • Arriving back at Tosa
  • Exploring Tosa – Hama Tea Parlor
  • Head to the Kengoshi Schoolhouse
  • Find Takechi Hanpeita
  • Boss Fight: Okada Izo
  • Head to Kochi Castle
  • Escape the Castle
  • Boss Fight: Masked Man

Arriving back at Tosa

The chapter starts off with Sakamoto Ryoma arriving back in Tosa after being away for a while to train in Edo. Make your way through the main path. A cutscene then plays showing a mother and her child getting into an argument with the joshi, the upper-class samurai. Ryoma steps in to help and gets himself in a fight against the joshi.

At this point, you’ll be controlling Ryoma in a 2v1 fight. This fight will serve as a tutorial for the basic attacks, combos, and finishing blow. After defeating the two enemies, Ryoma surrenders himself and gets taken to jail.

Another cutscene plays where Ryoma gets into an argument with the joshi guard. It then gets interrupted when Yoshida Toyo steps in, who turns out to be Ryoma’s foster father. Toyo then sets Ryoma free without letting the guards know.

Exploring Tosa – Hama Tea Parlor

You’re now back out free to explore Tosa. You’ll bump into a man who’s stuffing things inside jars which serves as a tutorial for breaking jars. Follow the quest marker shown on the minimap to arrive at the Hama Tea Parlor. Purchase anything from the shop then let the cutscene play.

Head to the Kengoshi Schoolhouse

Speak to any townsfolk that have speech bubbles on them to learn where the Kengoshi Schoolhouse is. You’ll bump into some ronin, putting you into another fight. This fight will be another tutorial that teaches you the Brawler style of fighting.

If you’re having a hard time completing the parry objective within the fight, just make sure that you are facing the opponent that is about to strike and press the parry button just as you’re about to get hit to make the parry work.

After the fight, you’ll learn more about the ability enhancement mechanic and how to unlock and upgrade abilities through them with the use of Soul Orbs.

As you proceed, you’ll get another tutorial about water wells, and checking in them will get you random useful materials.

Once you’re done, head through the small alleyway beside Chitose Provisions to find the Kengoshi Schoolhouse. Go through the cutscene with Toyo to learn more about his plans.

Find Takechi Hanpeita

Toyo wants you to meet up with your brother, Takechi Hanpeita. Talking to the townsfolk nearby will reveal the location of the Takechi Dojo where Takechi is.

Follow the marker to the dojo on the northeastern side to find the dojo. You’ll be blocked access into the dojo by the guard so you’ll have to find another way to get in.

Head back to the main road and go east to find a man being harassed by other men who turn out to be fake Tosa loyalists. You’ll be in another fight which serves as a tutorial for the Swordsman style.

After the fight, Shimada Yahei from the Tosa Loyalist Party approaches you to show appreciation for your fighting skills. You can then head back to the dojo and you’ll be allowed entrance to meet Takechi. Another long cutscene will play where Takechi makes you the representative of the loyalist party and talks you through Toyo’s plans.

After the conversation, head back out to the main road and go to Yoi-Yoi. Buy anything from the store to trigger another cutscene.

This time, another gang of ronin will be fighting against you. This fight will serve as a tutorial for the Gunman style and the Wild Dancer style. Complete the objectives and defeat the enemies to proceed.

After the fight, head back to the dojo. You’ll be interrupted once again on your way back.

Boss Fight: Okada Izo

Okada Izo and his men from the Tosa Loyalist Party block your path. Izo is jealous that an outsider got promoted first instead of those who were in the party longer than Ryoma. Another fight will break out against Izo and his four other men. Read up on our Okada Izo boss fight guide to learn tips on how to clear the fight.

After the fight, talk to Takechi once again to proceed.

Head to Kochi Castle

Follow Takechi as he walks through the town and heads towards Kochi castle. You’ll then meet up with Toyo once more as he discusses his plans for the party. The conversation will be cut short as an assassin barges into the room and kills Toyo. Other men from the party come in and think that Ryoma is the killer.

Escape the Castle

You’ll then have to fight against the loyalist party men. They’ll all be in swords and surround you easily, so try to be mindful of any attacks coming from the sides. Using the Brawler style and performing its finisher will allow you to use the downed enemy as a weapon to swing around against the other men.

Make your way through the corridors of the castle as you fight through more enemies blocking your way. Pay attention to the QTEs that you’ll encounter during your escape. Hordes of enemies will be coming your way so be smart with how you play through your fighting styles. It’s recommended to start off with the Gunman to deal damage from afar, followed by the Swordsman to get close and make easy parries, then switch to the Brawler once one enemy is down to perform its finisher.

There are also some rooms that you can check out that usually have upgrade materials or healing medicine, so spend some time checking them when you can.

After clearing out all the enemies and reaching the exit, you’ll trigger another cutscene with a wounded Takechi and the Masked Man.

Boss Fight: Masked Man

You’ll then be facing the Masked Man, the same assassin who killed Toyo. This enemy is quite tough and will test the skills you’ve learned so far. The best way to deal with this enemy is to parry and wait for openings to counter-attack. In case you need healing, you can access your inventory mid-fight and use the medicine you have. Read up on our Masked Man boss fight guide to learn tips on how to clear the fight.

Once you have the Masked Man’s health down to around 60%, he’ll flee away. Ryoma and Takechi try to escape, but in order to save Takechi from being caught, Ryoma swears his innocence in front of the chasing officers and jumps down the river. The chapter ends with a recap of the events.

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