Like a Dragon: Ishin Chapter 3 Mibu Wolves Walkthrough

How to complete Chapter 3: Mibu Wolves in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Like a Dragon Ishin Chapter 3 Mibu Wolves cover

Mibu Wolves is Chapter 3 of Like a Dragon: Ishin! Ryoma decides to join the Shinsengumi to get closer the his father’s killer after knowing that the last practitioners of the Tennen Rishin have joined their ranks.

Read ahead as we go through the events in Like a Dragon: Ishin! Chapter 3: Mibu Wolves.

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Chapter 3: Mibu Wolves Objectives

  • Head to the Shinsengumi Barracks
  • Mibu
  • Boss Fight: Nagakura Shinpachi
  • Head to Tsubakiro
  • Boss Fight: Man in White

Head to the Shinsengumi Barracks

Coming back from Mukurogai, Ryoma heads back to Fushimi and decides to join the Shinsengumi to get closer to his father’s killer. The Shinsengumi barracks is located in Rakugai, just north of Fushimi.

The gate north of the market will now be open towards Rakugai, however, you can spend some more time in the town or check out the next town where you can purchase new weapons, play the other minigames, or complete the sub stories that you stumble upon. Once you’re ready, head towards the gate where the quest marker is pointing to arrive at Mibu.


There’s nothing much to do yet in Mibu other than to head to the Shinsengumi headquarters on the north side of the map.

Boss Fight: Nagakura Shinpachi

As you enter the headquarters, you’ll be going through their tryouts and fighting against Nagakura Shinpachi, the Second Division Captain. His attacks are heavy and deal lots of damage. When his health goes down to 50%, he gets charged up, allowing him to stun you with his stab combo.

He also has a special attack where he charges at you to stab with his katana, raises you up with it, and slams you to the ground. This attack can deal around half of your health and can be fatal.

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After the fight, you’ll be rewarded with the True Grit Emblem headband.

A cutscene will then play showing Okita Soji, the First Division Captain, interrupting the conversation. He challenges Ryoma to another battle, but it gets halted by the Deputy Chief, Hijikata Toshizo. Toshizo then invites you to a private meeting at Gion at night time. In the meantime, you’ll be escorted by another officer to your new room.

Head to Tsubakiro

Go out of the headquarters, then follow the marker back into Rakugai. Tsubakiro is on the east side of the town, but you can spend some time in Rakugai completing the side quests or grinding levels.

It’s recommended to go to Ginryu Dojo to unlock new abilities such as the Morning Mist and the Ghostly Wind. The dojo will become open as soon as you pass by it at this point.

Take the time to stock up on ointments as well as the next boss fight won’t be too far.

Once you arrive at Tsubakiro, you’ll still have time to explore the place, try the shops, or do some substories. Then, you can follow the quest marker to go to the ryotei where Toshizo will meet you.

Boss Fight: Man in White

As you meet Toshizo, he will reveal that his motive for inviting you is to put you on another test. This time, you will have to kill the enemy without question. You’ll then be put against the Man in White.

The Man in White is a skilled swordsman and is quite aggressive. His signature move will have him raise both his arms apart as he taunts for a hit, but then he grabs you and deals massive damage. He can also counter heat attacks unless you pass the QTE.

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Once the Man in White has been defeated, you’ll be rewarded with the Ivory Sword. Ryoma spares his life, but Toshizo ends it instead. He then reveals that the Man in White was actually the previous Third Division Captain, then he offers Ryoma to be the new captain.

The chapter then ends and a recap of the events of the chapter then plays.

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