Lords of the Fallen Update: Addressing Console Concerns and AMD GPU Issues

Lords of the Fallen Update Today

Hexworks, the development studio behind the popular game Lords of the Fallen, has been on a mission of enhancing gameplay experience across platforms. In a short span, they’ve released two vital patches – v.1.1.196 targeted for Xbox, PS5, and Epic, and v.1.1.199 primarily for PCs with AMD GPUs.

Update v.1.1.199 Highlights for PC-Steam: (see full patch notes)

  • AMD GPU Crashes: Players with AMD graphics cards can expect stability. The update handles Niagara compute shader dispatches to prevent overloading the hardware, potentially addressing over 30% of the crashes reported via Sentry.
  • Multiplayer Matchmaking: Gone are the days of endless ‘cannot connect’ errors and frustrating high-ping matchups. Though matchmaking might take slightly longer, the result promises stable sessions and better ping times.
  • Orian Protector Revisions: Hexworks has temporarily deactivated the Orian Protector feature, often mistaken for a bug, aiming for better clarity and functionality.
  • Crossplay’s Return: Previously halted, crossplay is on Hexworks’ radar for reintroduction, ensuring stable PvP and PvE experiences.
  • Gameplay Enhancements: This patch shines a light on game balance, animations, and crash fixes. It also aims to revamp the efficiency of items and spells, enriching combat dynamics.

Update v.1.1.196 for Xbox, PS5 and Epic: (see full patch notes)

  • Stability Measures: Various crash scenarios, often linked to specific items, enemy AI, and particle spawns, have been resolved.
  • AI & Gameplay Tweaks: From adjusting the aim of the so-called “snipers” to fixing bugs related to attack mechanics, the patch ensures an optimized gaming experience for console players.
  • Quest & Balance: Modifications to quest requirements, selling items, and damage adjustments are a few examples of the refinements.
  • Notably Absent: Contrary to the PC patch v.1.1.199, this update lacks specific fixes. Console players may have to wait a bit longer to experience adjustments like the shortened Sanguinarix and vigor recovery animations.

The two patches demonstrate Hexworks’ commitment to refining the game. With Lords of the Fallen receiving consistent support, the gaming community’s future looks promising.

As always, the studio welcomes player feedback via the Sentry Reporting Tool in-game, bridging that relationship between developers and the gaming community.