Lost Ark Update Makes Changes on Proving Grounds Ranks, Fixes and More

New weekly update is here.

Amazon Games has recently revealed the weekly Lost Ark Update and it features adjustments to certain features, fixes to bugs, and more.

Despite the many criticisms of the game due to the many issues that have appeared since launch, the developers are still working hard to fix problems and add new content for their gaming community. One way of doing this is via the weekly updates that they release and one of those is today. This week’s new update addresses the issue with Competitive Proving Grounds Ranks.

There was an issue that made players start at Bronze Rank instead of Silver Rank, which is 1500 MMR in the Competitive Proving Grounds. With this new update, players who have started in this season will be seeing some new adjustments to their MMR.

The update also introduced fixes for the OT timer issue that made it not appear during PvP matches, for example. The Battle Item Bundle just got improved too.

Check out the full patch notes below:

  • Fixed an issue where players were starting at Bronze Rank instead of Silver Rank (1500 MMR) in the Competitive Proving Grounds. Players that have already kicked off their Competitive Proving Grounds season will see a positive adjustment made to their MMR. This bump of 250 will close the gap for players who started their season at 1250 MMR instead of the updated 1500 MMR. Players who are just beginning their season will automatically start at 1500.
  • Fixed an issue where the OT timer was not appearing during PvP matches.
  • Fixed an issue where chat text could be unsuitably altered or displayed outside of the chat box.
  • Improved the [Weekly] Battle Item Bundle so that players can now select their preferred battle item chests instead of receiving a random grant.

The update is now available and had an expected downtime of 5 hours for all servers and regions.

Lost Ark is now available on PC.