Lost Judgment Extended Story Trailer Revealed at Gamescom 2021

Defend the law, or enact justice?

JP version of the trailer
English version of the trailer

A new story trailer has been uploaded recently for the latest Yakuza Spin-off game, Lost Judgment. The trailer has shown alot of info on what to expect from the game and what surprises fans will expect in the game.


Takayuki Yagami, the main character of the game, is involved in an unpredictable murder case in which police and hangure groups are intricately intertwined, taking advantage of a high school bullying investigation in Yokohama.

Smoke was seen blocking the skies of Yokohoma. Among the loud sirens of the fire engine, the firefighters discovered the murder of a young man who had sprung up and rotten inside a factory. December 2021, Tokyo district court. Akihiro Ehara stands accused of groping a woman on a crowded train. A bystander’s video footage of his attempt to flee the scene and subsequent apprehension is all over the news, and public outcry demands a maximum sentence. He, then tells the court, “Three days ago, a dead body was found in an abandoned building in Yokohama. Have you identified it yet?” The statement suddenly confuses the court leading them into disbelief. Saori Shirosaki, the defense lawyer of Akihiro, has no doubt that crucial details of the situation have been overlooked, as Ehara was not even tried for the murder. She contacts detective Yagami to investigate this further.

These unexpected events has led Yagami in finding out that the deeper the case was, the more dangerous and darker the events are surrouding him including his allies. From just a single stumble, one can become a monster…

Lost Judgment is set to be released on September 24, 2021 for the Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series. For more info, you can visit the main website of Lost Judgment or you can read our previous articles here, here, here and here.