Madden NFL 24: Ultimate Team Platinum Quicksell Values

Here's what you get for quickselling unused Madden 24 Ultimate Team Platinum Cards

Madden 24 Platinum Quicksell Values

How much is the quicksell value for each Madden 24 Ultimate Team Platinum Card? Coins in Madden 24 Ultimate Team are essential when boosting your player line-up, and the best cards can be sold for just the right currency you’re looking for. In contrast to earning training value for quickselling unused Silver to Elite cards, Platinum cards provide a huge amount of coins when sold, depending on OVR.

Follow along for a rundown of all the Ultimate Team platinum cards, their overall ratings, and their Madden 24 quicksell value.

Madden 24 Platinum Quicksell Values List

The Madden 24 Ultimate Team Platinum quicksell values are as follows:

Overall Rating

Quicksell Value/Price

78 OVR

6,000 Coins

79 OVR

9,000 Coins

80 OVR

14,000 Coins

81 OVR

23,000 Coins

82 OVR

36,000 Coins

83 OVR

57,000 Coins

84 OVR

90,000 Coins

85 OVR

143,000 Coins

86 OVR

225,000 Coins

Madden 24 Ultimate Team Platinum cards range from 78 to 86 OVR, and you can easily get more coins by quickselling a bunch of unused cards with higher ratings. This way, you can repurchase the most valuable packs there are to offer and build your dream roster.

You should also look into the various sets to see if the players you want to quicksell are usable. Additionally, player prices can fluctuate over time; therefore, it counts to utilize the updated Madden 24 Platinum Quicksell values using our guide.