Madden NFL 24 Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Madden NFL 24 Featured Image

Madden NFL 24 is supposed to be the make-or-break entry for the annual sport’s title, especially after the fiasco that is Madden 23. We highly doubt that this title is going to change the Madden games’ reputation overnight, but it’s a step in the right direction. This year’s entry brings back some features from earlier Madden games and greatly improves the gameplay. The rest of the game’s presentation is what you would expect, maybe worse.

There are 20 Trophies that the player can earn from playing the game.

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 7 Gold trophies
  • 12 Silver trophies

Madden NFL 24 Trophy List

Platinum Trophy

  • Madden NFL Master: Congratulations on earning every Madden NFL 24 trophy!

Gold Trophies

  • Primetime: Gain yards while using Celebration Loco over the course of a single game
  • Unblockable: On 3 plays create a sack or tackle for loss after a pass rush move win, using a different rush move each time
  • Bragging Rights: Win the Super Bowl in an online league
  • Big Spender: Win a free agent bidding war for a 90+ OVR player
  • Dealmaker: Re-sign a 90+ OVR player
  • MVP: Win MVP with one of your players
  • ROTY: Win Rookie of the Year with one of your players

Silver Trophies

  • Throwin’ Dots: Throw a Passing TD using the low throw mechanic
  • Lockdown Corner: Win 3 presses in a single game with the same CB
  • Change of Scenery: Relocate a team
  • Roster Reshuffle: Complete a fantasy draft
  • Head-to-Head: Win a Head to Head game in an online league
  • Future of the Franchise: Reveal a rookie’s X-Factor potential
  • Stud Finder: Draft a rookie with a Hidden Dev Trait
  • Pocket Ace: Reach max level with your Avatar in the QB Position
  • Gain Train: Reach max level with your Avatar in the RB Position
  • Ol’ Reliable: Reach max level with your Avatar in the WR Position
  • Lockdown Leader: Reach max level with your Avatar in the CB Position
  • The Fortress: Reach max level with your Avatar in the LB Position

With all the streamlining this entry has gone through, it was a surprise to see them not only remove Bronze trophies altogether but also reduce the number of trophies the player has to earn to get the Platinum trophy. Take that for what you may.

Most of the trophies earned from the game can be acquired from the Franchise mode. You can make trades and get the players you want and maybe get the Big Spender and Dealmaker Gold trophies.

The biggest change this year is the ability to relocate your team to another stadium from the start of the season. Doing so earns you the Change of Scenery Silver trophy.

For trophies that require your personal Avatar, you’ll be looking toward the Superstar Mode to get them. Silver trophies such as the Pocket Ace, Gain Train, Ol’ Reliable, Lockdown Leader, and The Fortress are tied to the 5 main positions your Avatar can specialize in: Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Cornerback, and Linebacker respectively. It’s going to take a while to reach max level but that’s what the trophy set requires.

Superstar Mode is also where you can get the MVP and ROTY Gold trophies at the end of your rookie season. Unfortunately, winning the Superbowl in the Superstar Mode won’t count for the Bragging Rights Gold trophy. That and the Head-to-Head Silver trophy are acquired from the online league.

If you want to take a break from the season, you can play in other modes such as The League and Showdown.

From what we can tell, the Stud Finder and Future of the Franchise Silver trophy will require a bit of luck since scouting information has a tendency to be incomplete.

And lastly, assuming that the Primetime Gold trophy is the same as last year, all you need to do is to keep performing Celebration Loco while gaining yards in a single game. It’s going to take more than a few plays, but as long as you’re dancin’ while gaining ground, the trophy will just appear before the game ends.

And that’s everything we’ve got for this Madden NFL 24 trophy guide. The gameplay does seem to be better than it has been for years. It still won’t make Ultimate Team all the more appealing but you don’t go into Ultimate Team thinking that you can get your dream team through gameplay. But that’s just how it goes with modern Sports games.

Madden NFL 24 is out now on PC (via Steam), PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.