Mafia: Definitive Edition adds “Classic mode” that fans of the original will surely love

Mafia: Definitive Edition

Mafia: Definitive Edition is well on its way on September 25 across all platforms, fans will surely love what’s in store for the remake of the classic crime story-driven title that launched way back in 2002.

We have virtually spoken to Hangar 13’s President and Chief Creative Officer, Haden Blackman, about what hardcore fans of the franchise would expect aside from visual upgrades. Knowing that this is a full-on remake of the original Mafia, most will expect that it’s just an overhaul of its graphics with improvements in its gameplay fluidity.

“We’ve done a lot to make sure that the player base can choose the way they want to play Mafia,” says Haden. “One thing that’s most exciting to me is that because there are so many dedicated veterans from the original – they’ve gone in and made a Classic mode.”

“It has all the settings dialed into what the experience was like if you’ve played the original Mafia. so that’s great for the hardcore fans to experience the game at that level with the same driving controls, the police reacting to your infractions the same way. And then we go all the way to experience the story, you can dial all that stuff back.”

Haden reiterates they don’t want to disservice the fans and that they will not remove any elements from the remake of what Mafia great in its time. He also continued that with this remake, new players who played Mafia 3 or haven’t played the franchise at all will definitely appreciate the story that the team crafted way back in 2002 in current generation standards.

Stay tuned for our full interview with Haden Blackman!

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