Mandalorian Game Rumored in Development

According to a new rumor, a studio is currently working on a game based on The Mandalorian show.

mandalorian game
This is the way…

The rumor states that Jeff Grubb was posting a new article about diversity within Xbox and Phil Spencer was seen in an update shelf behind him. Some eagle-eyed folks caught something on that shelf and they think it was a Mandalorian Funko Pop. Xbox Era’s Shpeshal Ed revealed that that was not an accident at all.

“Ok. So you’ll notice…there’s a Mandalorian Funko on Phil’s shelf. Yes. Someone is making a Mandalorian game. Not sure who yet. Sorry.”

In an updated statement, Ed stated that the Funko Pop was actually on the shelf before the updated version. When he saw this and asked if it was okay to mention the game, he got the okay signal.

In a later update, Ed revealed that it was not actually a Mandalorian Funko Pop and mixed that up. But since he already revealed that someone is making a Mandalorian game, “they” did not ask him to retract his statement.

So, there it is. Someone is making a Mandalorian game, but the studio is still a mystery. Who could it be? Someone who has experience in making Star Wars action games (hint2x Respawn Entertainment) or another studio entirely? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Reddit