Maneater Upcoming DLC Teased by Developers

Tripwire Interactive has recently shared some very mysterious posts on social media recently related to their masterpiece Maneater and its upcoming DLC.

It was last January 2021 that Art Director Sean McBride confirmed that Maneater is still not done yet and will have a new DLC. It was revealed that the new content will be in the form of challenges.

Nothing was heard after that until recently. Several cryptic tweets from the official Twitter account of the game were posted recently starting on March 4.

According to the new narrative, Trip Westhaven, the producer of the fictional Shark Week documentary hacked into the Twitter account of the game and posted these mysterious tweets. He explains that he had to do this because his network cancelled his show due to the nature of its contents. Now he posts online and with it these mysterious messages.

Last March 6, there was a post that somewhat referenced The Matrix where Neo was asked to take the Red or the Blue pill. The barely legible caption says this: “My sources say they’re even raspberry and blueberry flavored”

Just recently, a new tweet was posted and the caption says: “Do Androids dream of electric sharks?” I do not know what that means, but that is quite the mysterious phrase. Also, the clip says that Trip talked to a certain marine biologist that claimed the changes happening in the oceans in the game were due to Port Clover’s extreme levels of radioactivity.

Based from those hints, it is probably safe to say a new evolution is coming for our protagonist shark and maybe there will be more challenges to conquer in this new upcoming DLC.

Maneater is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. It is also playable on Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

Thanks DualShockers!