Marvel’s Avengers Loses Creative Director; Naughty Dog Regains Uncharted Lost Legacy Director

Bad news for Marvel’s Avengers as Shaun Escayg, its Creative Director, well, ex-Creative Director has left and now has come back to Naughty Dog.

naughty dog shaun escayg

Escayg has left game studio Crystal Dynamics and has come back to his previous one, Naughty Dog. Both Crystal Dynamics and Escayg have not shared the reason for leaving, but some speculate it is due to the bad reputation that Marvel’s Avengers has gained. Others say he has just moved on and went back to his roots.

For those who are uninformed, Escayg has worked with Naughty Dog as the director for the Uncharted spin-off Lost Legacy. He has also worked with both Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us. He also worked as the co-director of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. Yes, that legendary video game which was way better than Bulletproof.

To note, Escayg left Naughty Dog 3 years ago also as creative director of Uncharted Lost Legacy.

Naughty Dog, of course, welcomed him with opened arms and re-tweeted Escayg’s post on his personal Twitter account. “Happy to be back with the Dogs!” he captioned with an awesome Naughty Dog mug.

Marvel’s Avengers will still move forward with its roadmap and upcoming DLCs like the Black Panther and more content.