Marvel’s Avengers Mighty Thor Release Date Revealed

When two Thors collide.

Square Enix has now revealed the Marvel’s Avengers Mighty Thor release date and a new trailer.

Marvel’s Avengers Mighty Thor Storyline

Courtesy of media outlet IGN, a new trailer was released depicting a short backstory of Mighty Thor, the Jane Foster version. It was revealed that this was an alternate version of the universe where the game Marvel’s Avengers resides on. In this universe, Thor Odinson did not return home after an expedition and his hammer chose Jane Foster as the new Thor or now called the Mighty Thor. Also, since it seems that Thor has been lost, the mighty god Odin has become berserk and is rampaging. It is up to Mighty Thor to stop this catastrophe from reaching Earth or it is doomed.

Trick a God or End of Earth

Before their final battle, Mighty Thor had to make a deal with the devil. That devil is Loki, whom she had asked to help him in putting down Odin once and for all. She had no other choice to resort to this and after defeating Odin, it seems she is feeling guilty about the trickery. After the “battle”, Loki was there to shake her hand to congratulate her, but all of a sudden, a portal opened and pulled her inside.

In Another Universe

When Mighty Thor awoke, she came upon the game’s Avengers team and decided to work with them for the time being while looking for a way to go back home.

marvel's avengers mighty thor

Marvel’s Avengers Mighty Thor will launch on June 28, 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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