Marvel’s Avengers Levels Up with the Power of PlayStation 5 Hardware

Marvel's Avengers

One of the most anticipated titles to launch this year is Crystal Dynamics and Eidos-Montreal’s Marvels Avengers game. It will be launching on PlayStation 4, but it will be released on the next-gen console PlayStation 5 as well when it is available this coming holiday 2020.

Since the game will be available on PS5, everyone is wondering what kind of upgrades they will be seeing. According to the Official PlayStation Magazine (September 2020 issue), there are several details that will get upgraded with the maximum hardware power of the next-gen console.

Crystal Dynamic’s Foundation engine will be pushed to the limit with the help of the PS5 GPU power. It will unleash enhanced ambient occlusion, higher texture resolution, more distant detail, better anistropic filtering and some new features. These features include stochastic screen-space reflections with contact-aware sharpening. All of these enhancements will collude into making the game look more beautiful than ever.

The ability to choose between high framerate mode and best graphics mode is becoming common with the PS5 console these days and Marvel’s Avengers has just added such. Crystal Dynamics’ motto is, after all, “look good, play good.” With the best graphics mode, the game will target 60fps with dynamic 4K resolution.

The PS5’s custom-SSD allowed the game to run really fast even before optimizing it for the next-gen console. After optimization, Crystal Dynamics is happy to announce that the loading scenes are nearly instant, which makes mission hopping seamless. Even hi-res texture loading is too fast.

Crystal Dynamics is also excited for the DualSense controller and its haptic feedback feature. It will take advantage of this in the game and with other features as well like the resistance triggers and 3D audio.

Marvel’s Avengers will also have cross-gen support, which will allow PS4 and PS5 players to play together. Crystal Dynamics will not force players to upgrade to next-gen console if they are not ready for it. They can still enjoy the game on PS4 if they want to.

If players want to upgrade to the PS5, they have the option to upgrade the game as well for free. They only need the digital of disc version of the game to make it happen.

Marvel’s Avengers will be available on PS4 this coming Sept. 4. It will also be released on PS5 when it launches this coming holiday 2020.