Marvel’s Iron Man VR Will Be Part of a New Wave of Great VR Games

Marvel's Iron Man VR

Many virtual reality games have already come and go with sometimes being failures, while others as absolute success stories like Resident Evil VII, Half-Life: Alyx, and many more. A new set of VR games are coming soon and one of those is the upcoming Marvel’s Iron Man VR by game studio Camouflage.

Camouflaj Founder Ryan Payton reveals the inspiration behind creating the upcoming VR game, and the promise they made with Marvel with the use of the Iron Man franchise.

Payton admitted that the game studio was inspired by several other VR games that came before their project. They played most of those games and love what the other VR developers have created so far. The VR games they have played were Batman: Arkham VR, Half-Life: Alyx, and Astro Bot. The founder revealed that his favorite VR game so far is Resident Evil VII and he likes to be inspired by all of those games.

These VR games Payton mentioned are really good VR games with great developers behind it. VR game technology has come a long way, but Payton states that it is still in its infancy in many ways and everyone is still learning on how to create a great VR experience for the gamers. They are still looking for the perfect way to create a VR game that would make the critics be speechless and give big scores for their reviews.

The studio founder did promise Marvel when the team first met them that they will develop the upcoming Iron Man VR by not using any experimental methods. They promised to create a great and high-quality experience that would take all of the lessons from previous VR games “…move VR to the next generation of content and creation.” The studio wants to create a VR game that is not based on experiments, but from great and well-tuned experiences.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is expected to be a VR game that will give its players a great experience and have mechanics coming from previous games with tweaks and improvements done.

The game will launch on July 3 for PlayStation VR.

Interview source: Sector

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