Marvel’s Midnight Suns Redemption DLC Release Date Revealed

We are VENOM!

Firaxes has officially announced Marvel’s Midnight Suns Redemption DLC release date. This will finally introduce Eddie Brock as Venom.

Just like in the comics and other types of media, Eddie Brock is once again embroiled in a controversy that he is involved in, but this time his career as a Daily Globe reporter gets botched. He then resorted to writing sensationalistic stories online to earn a living and blamed Spider-Man for the bad things that happened to him. This made him the perfect host for the sentient alien symbiote that Peter Parker rejected and gave him the same powers as Spider-Man and transformed him into Venom.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Redemption DLC Unlocks Venom Recruitment

This time around, Venom has become the Fallen Venom after he got corrupted and imbued with infernal power by Lilith. The team defeats him in the Shattering Expectations mission, Venom gets recruited. Brock then tells the team that he wants to right the wrongs that he did. Also, he has some relations with the demon Mephisto but the specific details will be revealed in the game.

Venom is Damage

Venom’s specialty in Marvel’s Midnight Suns Redemption DLC is damage and can generate a stack of Ravenous at the start of each turn. This makes his attacks and heroic abilities significantly more powerful. He has powerful ranged and area attacks, but he usually attacks up close. His Assimilation ability will trigger a frenzy for a full turn, which gives each of his attacks and heroic abilities the Quick keyword and letting players draw another attack or heroic ability card whenever an enemy gets KOed.

marvel's midnight suns redemption dlc venom

Redemption DLC Release Date

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Redemption DLC launches on February 23, 2023. It can be purchased individually or as part of the Season Pass. Venom can be unlocked via gameplay.