All 9 Prowler Stash Locations & Solutions – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

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The Prowler is one of the most notable villains in Miles Morales’s Rogues Gallery. The character’s true identity reveal was a real turning point in Spider-Man’s development as Super Hero, right next to what Martin Li did at City Hall. Fast forward to Spider-Man 2, and the Prowler has officially hung up the cowl. But that leaves a few loose ends that need to be tied up.

In this guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the various Prowler Stashes and how to solve them. The Prowler stashes become available after completing the Amends‘ main story mission. At that point, Uncle Aaron tells you about eight other sites scattered around the city. Miles is charged with finding the location of every single one of them.

Reward: 3x Rare Tech Parts, 300 XP for each Prowler Stash opened.

How to Access Prowler Stashes

Uncle Aaron added a little something to Spider-Man’s cowl. This slight modification allows him to see where the entrance is and how to open it. In terms of gameplay, whenever you are in the search area, look for green dots in the air. Analyzing the data will tell how the doors need to be opened.

But that’s only the first step, most Prowler hideouts have a second layer of protection in the form of laser defense grids. Why is it always air vents and laser beams? I know not. Anyway, just get to the back

Sittin’ in the Nose Bleeds

Located next to the stadium in the Southern part of Hell’s Kitchen, this Prowler stash was Uncle Aaron’s favorite back in the day as it gave him unlimited viewing access to games played in the stadium.

The lock is located in the Northeast part of the building. Unscramble the data and get a position where you can web-pull the false smoke stack.

Next, Venom Punch the generator hidden behind the false panel. Doing so will reveal a series of wires supplying power to another location. Follow the wire to another generator on the rooftop below. Venom Punch that one as well. At this point, Spider-Man discovers breaks in the wiring. You’ll need to shoot webs at places where the wire breaks to restore the flow of electricity.

Hint: There’s a break in the wire going up the wall.

Keep fixing the wires until you reach this room. If you’ve done everything right, the door should open and you’ll have access to the Prowler Stash within.


This Prowler Stash is located at the southwest corner of Greenwich. The stash overlooks The Cage, a place famous among basketball enthusiasts – like Aaron and Miles’s father.

The first layer of security is a false panel that you’ll need to flip up. In my mind, it acted like a switch. Turning it up activates the next layer of security.

You’ll next need to find a couple of generators and power them up using your Venom Punch. The first one is located on a rooftop above the false panel and the second one is located on the opposite side of where the locked door is.

The grid looks intimidating at first. But you can easily narrow down the necessary generators by activating the wrong ones and eliminating them from the solution. Don’t worry about making a mistake. Nothing bad will happen if you activate the wrong generators.

Once you’ve activated both generators, the door will swing open for you, allowing you to get the tech hidden inside.

The Braxton Score

Located near Midtown’s riverside, the Braxton Heist was the Prowler’s debut into the criminal underworld. But something went wrong when a certain thief double-crossed the crew. He sees it as a valuable lesson that the Prowler learned early on. I don’t know why he would keep a stash at his job though. Maybe feeling sentimental.

The entrance to this stash is located behind the Braxton logo facing the Southwest corner of the building. You won’t make any progress by looking for it on top of the building. Perch on top of the flagpole to get yourself in the perfect position to scan the object and web-pull it out of the way.

Once the logo is out of the way, web-pull into the vents where you’ll have to dodge laser and web-up moving fans. Just like a Spider-Spy. Knowing the timing of when to move is key to getting through the laser grid unscathed. If you do happen to get hit, you’ll only be burned for a little bit of health. Please avoid prolonged laser exposure.

The Prowler Stash is found at the end of the vent. You’ll actually need to open it to end the sequence.


The Prowler Stash in Astoria was Uncle Aaron’s first-ever stash. The location was once an arcade turned skyscraper. But Aaron still fondly remembers the place that it was while talking about the good old days with Miles’s dad.

The stash is located behind this false panel on the lowest rooftop of the activity location. This is one of the more tricky stashes to uncover. It involves hitting 4 electrical boxes in quick succession using the Chain Lightning ability. The catch here is that you are working on a short timer and the three other electrical panels are located elsewhere.

Once you’ve activated the electrical panel next to the door, you’ll have to head over to the wall above to activate the second panel.

Next, web-zip to the roof directly above the second electrical panel and look for a roof access door. The third panel is on the wall next to the roof access door.

You don’t have much time for the fourth electrical panel. It is located at the very top of the building. Turn around the face the edge above to get the zip-line reticle. You’ll most likely need to web-zip to rapidly get to the location. The last panel is located on the wall of the building access facing South.

You don’t need to rush this one. Just become familiar with the panel locations and you’ll eventually get it down to a science. Once all panels have been activated, head back to the locked door and claim the Prowler tech.

Prowler in Training

This Prowler stash can be found on the west side of Downtown Queens, facing the river. This location in Hunter’s Point is significant as it was the place where Prowler learned to master his stolen tech.

The access vent is kind of hard to locate at first but you’ll find it hidden in a fan outlet on the Western end of the building. Use the antennae close to you to open the panel. Web-zip to get into the vent.

The vent splits into two paths, the left side houses the stash but it is protected by a constant laser grid and the right one leads deeper into the building. You’ll need to get to the end of the right vent to deactivate the defenses.

Once you’ve deactivated the initial layer of defenses, a second layer of protection kicks in. The lasers will now begin to move from side to side. The good news is that the defenses have a gap for you to slip between them. Crawl the vents and web up one more fan to get to the stash at the end.

Laying Low

This location was the first place where the Prowler and Officer Davis squared off. Luckily for Prowler, Miles’s dad didn’t find his stash in the shipping yard.

The stash can be found inside the shipping container. It’s not hard to find but you’ll need to analyze the doors of the container first before you are able to move the other container blocking access. After the scan, look for the wheel on the side and use your web-pull to move the crane’s wire.

This should be the easiest one to acquire. But it seems your movements were being watched. The moment you step out of the container, a squad of Hunters will try to jump you. Fight them off to defend your stake.

A Room with a View

This Prowler stash is located just a little ways South of Brooklyn Visions in Williamsburg. A moment of the Prowler’s early days working under crime boss Fisk. The penthouse was a point of conflict between the brothers because Officer Davis knew how Uncle Aaron got the place.

To gain access to this stash, you’ll need to look for this fake panel on the lower roof in the middle of the building and open it to the side. This will reveal a wheel and the second layer of security. Pulling the wheel will panel another panel on the left. You’ll have a few seconds to pull the second wheel and open the panel that contains the stash.

The wheel won’t stay in position for long. You’ll need to web up the wheel to have any hope of getting your hands on the contents of the vault. If you do not web up the wheel, the panel will close on your face, regardless of how fast you think you are.


This Prowler is found in an old radio station over in Downtown Brooklyn. The brothers could have started a music career here if their hip-hop act didn’t get bumped for another group from Staten Island.

The first layer of defense is a false pipe that opens up the panel where the next security layer is found. It is a good idea for you to go to the rooftop above to get the space you need to pull the lever.

The second layer of security is a door that swings open from a certain angle. Scan the door to know where you should position yourself. Web-pull the door open from the position seen in the picture above to gain access to the safe.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Room For The Future

When you’ve collected all the loose Prowler tech, a new location will pop up. It leads back to the place where you first met Uncle Aaron. The location apparently has a Prowler stash nearby.

The false pipe next to the rooftop access door hides the panel that contains the stash. Once inside, Spider-Man finds plans for their apartment building. Miles assumes that uncle Aaron is up to no good again.

The apartment is missing its record player. Miles heads upstairs to get some answers, only to find Uncle Aaron running around like he owns the place. Well, he does own the place thanks to an agreement with mama Rio. She just wants to have the family close. The substory ends with Uncle Aaron giving Miles a new piece of tech specifically designed with his powers in mind.

By completing this side story, you have unlocked the Co-Signing Bronze trophy. Hopefully, we’ll see more stories with Uncle Aaron in future installments. Have fun out there, Spider-peeps.