Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 DLC Thoughts and Ideas

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Having completed and achieved a platinum trophy for the game, I’ve spent some time reflecting and brainstorming on its future potential and started compiling all my Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 DLC thoughts and ideas.

Peter Parker and Miles Morales have been through a lot during the events of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Pete was able to reunite with his best friend, only to lose him to the symbiote. He still has MJ by his side, and it appears their relationship is as strong as ever. Miles, for his part, managed a small bit of closure with Martin Li and has a newfound confidence in him as well as a new connection with his culture and history.

The Spider-Men’s troubles aren’t over yet by a long shot. The Symbiote threat has been contained but the genie’s out of the bottle. The Hunters and cultists are still out in force. And all the while Doc Ock and Norman Osborne are waiting in the wings, ready to close the final chapter.

But that’s a problem for another day. There are still loose ends from the Hunter invasion that need to be addressed. The Cameleon is out there, somewhere, scheming of ways to get back at Spider-Man. There’s also the whole business with The Flame and the “carnage” he’s about to unleash. And we still don’t know if we’ve seen the last of the Spider-Bots.

In this article, I’ll delve into the potential villains and storylines that might feature in the upcoming sequel or a Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 DLC. Given the rich narrative threads already in play, there’s a wealth of possibilities to explore, so let’s dive into some speculative theory-crafting based on the information at hand.

The Flame as Carnage

The Flame as Carnage - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 DLC Thoughts and Ideas

When we last saw The Flame, he made off with a canister of the alien Symbiote, courtesy of the Oscorps. But not before dousing our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man with enough gasoline to fill a tank.

In his monologue, he let slip the one word that brings chills to any Spider-Man fan: carnage. If that’s not a sign of things to come, I don’t know what is. To top it all off, at the end of the substory, Wraith tells us that The Flame once used the name Cletus Kasady as an alias. I don’t know about you guys but I’m seeing flashbacks of the old Spider-Man 1 game from the PlayStation 1 days.

Are we going to have to use bells and such to actually deal damage to this new symbiote? I bet we will. Unless The Flame’s unique brand of arson is added to the mix, that would complicate matters in a way that would put old-school Carnage to shame.

Spider-Bots and the 2099 Problem

Spider-Bots and the 2099 Problem - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 DLC Thoughts and Ideas

The whole Spider-Bot sequence had Spider-Verse written all over it from the start. I mean, the first one we find is Spider-Man 2099. And by the end of it all, the bartender tells us that if we ever bump into Miguel O’Hara, we’re supposed to tell him, “Finder’s keepers.”

I don’t know what more they can do with this cameo moving forward, or even if it warrants an entire DLC dedicated to Spider-Bots. But imagine how fun it would be to actually take on Spider-Man 2099 with the Spider-Verse crew fighting by your side. Now that’s a crossover I’d love to be a part of.

The Hunt Continues

The Hunt Continues - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 DLC Thoughts and Ideas

“The one that got away.” This best describes the situation at the end of the Unidentified Targets substory. We found out that Kraven and Chameleon were brothers and that Kraven failed to capture him. I can’t really say why Kraven gave up the hunt, but it might have something to do with him prioritizing physically superior foes that give him his warrior’s end. I don’t think Chameleon fits the bill.

An entire DLC mission pack with the Chameleon at the center of events could be an awesome idea. Narrowing down a pool of suspects and eventually putting the squeeze on our shape-shifting villain would be nice.

I really hope that he stays on as an active villain for the third game as well. I’d love it if Marvel’s Spider-Man final antagonist was the very first villain in the Spider-Man comics. Wouldn’t that be poetic?

And that’s all I have to discuss with ideas for DLC in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. You all know full well that we are getting DLC for the game at some point. The first game is proof enough that the developers have a few more aces up their sleeves. And I’m all for it.