Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Upcoming Villains in DLC or Sequel

We speculate on who will be the big bad villains for Marvel's Spider-Man 2's possible sequel.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Possible Villains cover

If you have managed to play through the game, or still just going through the missions, you’ve probably seen the hints and teases and there’s no doubt that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is setting up for another expansion to this game’s universe. Certain side stories, and even the post-credits scene, are teasing potential future villains that the Spider-Men might face if ever the game gets a DLC or even another sequel.

We’ve listed down some of the teased villains that we’ll likely see again in the next Spider-Man game, including ones that could still make an appearance and cause trouble for our hero.


Carnage, a.k.a. Cletus Kasady, is one of the most likely villains that Spider-Man will face in an upcoming game. In this current game, Cletus is leading the cult as The Flame and their mission is to just watch the world burn. But all of their actions were just a ploy for Cletus to get his hands on a symbiote culture. And since we already had Venom as one of the big bads in this game, why not up the ante by having its spawn, Carnage, be the one to raze hell in NYC.

Green Goblin

Right at the final scenes of the story, we are shown a very devastated Norman Osborn beside his son Harry Osborn who has fallen into a coma after the events of the final showdown. In the act of desperation, Norman calls someone, presumably from one of his labs, and tells them to prepare the “G-SERUM” as soon as possible.

No other details was given about what kind of serum it is, but it is safe to assume that it may be the serum that could transform Norman into the Green Goblin, or perhaps he’s planning to use it on Harry instead. The post credits scene also shows Norman paying Otto Octavius a visit at the RAFT, presumably asking him to design his Green Goblin tech.

For a character popularly known as one of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies, Green Goblin sure is taking his time to show up in this universe. And if we follow the same pattern from the first game, he may even end up being the biggest villain in the third game.


Like their alias, Chameleon, a.k.a. Dmitri Smerdyakov, is one of the possible enemies that will show up in the potential sequel. Chameleon is a master of disguises, often copying his targets down to their mannerisms that not even their target’s closest relatives could even notice that there’s something amiss.

In the game, while Peter is investigating the Talon Drones that have been flying in the skies of NYC, he stumbles upon Chameleon’s pad which was set up to be a trap meant for Kraven. As Peter manages to get out just in time, we then get to see Dmitri in a disguise, watching Peter’s escape just from another building nearby. It would appear that Chameleon is in a half-sibling rivalry against Kraven and may even be the villain that’s bringing in the threats on the side, just like what Kraven did in this game.


With the tease of Cindy Moon, a.k.a. Silk, in one of the post credits scenes, there is a huge possibility that Morlun shows up as one of the great threats that will be hunting her and Spider-Man down. Morlun is somewhat like a vampire in a sense that he needs to feed off the life force of animal-based superbeings to stay alive and be able to use his superhuman abilities.

In the comics, Morlun comes from a line of superbeings that gained the power of traversing through the dimensions to hunt down what are known as spider-totems, a term that is used to call both the god-like entities connected to the Web of Life, and to those avatars that they chose, such as Silk and Peter Parker Spider-Man.

Though this is already touching the realm of the multiverse, and having Morlun in the scene with the other big villains might be too overwhelming for a single game, it is not a farfetched thing to see given that the Spider-Bots that are scattered all around the city were actually tech owned by Miguel O’Hara, a.k.a. Spider-Man 2099 of Earth-928. It’s also possible that Silk will have a separate game, like how Miles Morales had, and have Morlun be the big threat in there instead.


Another possible enemy encounter that spans beyond the streets of NYC is Knull, known as the god entity who created the symbiotes. Knull was known to be a god who wanted to plunge everything back into the darkness of the void, and so he created the symbiotes to spread throughout the universe and the multiverse to do his bidding. In the comics, a lot of events happened along the way, including some of the symbiotes breaking off from Knull’s hivemind, turned against him and eventually trapped him in Klyntar.

In the game, Knull was not outright mentioned, but the fact that symbiotes exist proves his existence. Inside one of Dr. Connors’ lab hideouts, notes and scribbles can be seen exploring the origins of the symbiotes. The details only go as far as the celestial coordinates of where the meteorite that brought the symbiotes down to Earth came from, as well as the spiral symbols which is commonly seen on art depicting Knull in the comics, as well as on the faces of the symbiote-controlled people in the game.

Then again, an entity like Knull is someone who is beyond an Avengers-level threat and Spider-Man may need the help of superheroes like Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Marvels to even make a dent on the God of the Symbiotes’ defenses. So maybe we’ll only get to see a glimpse of Knull as a larger looming threat not only to NYC, but to Earth itself, and the game would turn out to be a good launch pad for Insomniac to touch on the other hero stories that they can make a good game out of.