Marvel’s Spider Man Remastered PC Allows Players to Link PSN Account

New update also fixes bugs and more.

A new update for Marvel’s Spider Man Remastered PC was recently released that adds a new feature related to link accounts.

The new update of Marvel’s Spider Man Remastered PC has now added a new feature, which allowed players to connect their Steam and PlayStation Network accounts. After connecting both accounts, they will get bonuses in-game, which are the Resilient Suit and the Concussive Blast Gadget. It also includes two skill points. They can also get updates, news, and offers from PlayStation Studios on PC or PlayStation platforms.

There is a new post on Sony’s PC Registration page that says linking accounts will unlock bonuses and updates on new information about PlayStation Studios.

It was also revealed that Marvel’s Spider Man Remastered is the very first PlayStation game on PC to have this feature. There are already other PlayStation games on Steam like God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn but it seems Marvel’s Spider Man Remastered PC has this feature right now. More games could have this feature later.

The latest update brings performance improvements and bug fixes.

Check out the patch notes here:

Release Notes

  • Added support for Intel XeSS upscaling technology.
  • Updated AMD FSR to version 2.1.1.
  • Made changes to address performance degradation when raytracing is enabled.
  • Changed VRAM budgets to allow for more video memory usage.
  • Added Connect to PSN option in the menu.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the screen to turn black when switching to DLAA after DLSS had been set to Ultra Performance mode.
  • Fixed corruption in ray-traced reflections at low render resolutions when screen space reflections are also enabled.
  • Reduced flicker in ray-traced reflections when DLSS or DLAA is enabled.
  • Fixed corruption in ray-traced reflections on Intel ARC GPUs.
  • Minor visual fixes for some cinematics in 32:9 aspect ratio.
marvel's spider man remastered pc

Marvel’s Spider Man Remastered is now available on PC via Steam.