Marvel’s Spider-Man Sequel Rumored Development Going Well with New Characters Featured

A new rumor suggests that Marvel’s Spider-Man sequel is now in the works and development is particularly going well.

According to this new rumor originally coming from 4chan, the development team is now working on playable sections for the time being since voice over and motion capture has not started yet due to the global pandemic. There are rumored two playable characters in this game and are codenamed “Knight Spider” and “Purple Bat/Shin Vigilante”.

The poster noted that Knight Spider is a comic name for Miles Morales, but the second character is kind of interesting. He described it as a vigilante that fights crime and kills his enemies with a gun and uses smoke for distractions. He thinks it is Wraith while others think it is the Hobgoblin.

Then in another rumor in 4chan still, one person claims that Purple Bat is planned to be playable in certain story sequences and side missions only. Also, the side quest dialogue is being redesigned so that Peter and Miles can do the same mission without complications.

The poster then adds that Miles and Peter can swap and can either go first in a particular mission and then the other follows up.

Again, these are just rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt. These ideas are pretty good though and swapping characters should be an interesting mechanic.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 should be in development right now.

Source: Reddit