Mass Effect Legendary Edition Cut Out Content Added Back via PC Mod

"I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite DLC mod in the Citadel!"

Fans have finally taken matters into their own hands to make the Mass Effect Legendary Edition cut out content added back with a PC mod.

BioWare honestly stated that there was one content that did not make the cut for the ME Legendary Edition and it was the Pinnacle Station on Mass Effect 1. The original source code was lost and the backup was corrupted, which was the reason why they had to make the hard choice of dropping that part and moving on with the rest of the content that they have. Without the original source code, it would take months of work to restore the DLC.

mass effect legendary edition cut out content
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After six months, a team of fans did exactly what BioWare could not do, but with the original’s content at hand. They even fixed bugs and discovered a long lost Easter Egg.

The team is named Mgamerz and they shared a very detailed post on their blog recently. They shared the many technical challenges that they faced in bringing the Pinnacle Station DLC to the Legendary Edition after so many years. The idea was to add the Pinnacle Station apartment that Commander Shepard owned to the Legendary Edition, but it grew into the whole Pinnacle Station DLC instead.

The Legendary Edition code for ME1 was similar to the original version, which made things easy for the team. The material shader system was needed to be rebuilt though.

Several fixes and improvements were down to the DLC code while reworking it back to the Legendary Edition. There were many changes too like the difficulty of the Volcano Hunt map lowered, Survival mode had its health regeneration changed, and some fixes to the bugs like lighting and cosmetics.

There was also an interesting Easter Egg where there were lines from Admiral Ahern that would play when Shepard shot a specific window. “Very good, Shepard. You’ve bested the window in combat. Try the enemies now.” It seems the admiral was not keen of the commander shooting a window instead of enemies.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition Pinnacle Station DLC mod is now available at Nexus Mods.

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