Remnant 2: How to Get Meridian Grenade Launcher

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There are many exotic weapons in the Remnant 2 that are beyond comprehension. The game has weapons created from the remains of a dying star and one that is made from the nightmares of its victims. All that cool stuff and it doesn’t even compete with the sheer enjoyment of blowing things up the old fashion way.

The Meridian grenade launcher is what we’ll be talking about in this article. This little pocket rocket will revive your inner Resident Evil protagonist as you spam grenades on unsuspecting enemies.

How to get the Meridian Grenade Launcher in Remnant 2?

Getting the Meridian is a time-consuming task. But not in the way most of us are used to in Remnant 2. Let’s start by actually getting to it in the first place.

If you’ve ever explored the sewers of Losomn then you know that there are more than a few secrets in the deep and dark places of the world. The section you’re looking for is an event area generated in sewer maps such as the Great Sewers, Harvester’s Reach, etc.

As pictured above, if you see this setup, that means that you are on the right track to getting to where you need to go. It is also worth noting that this area doesn’t appear on the minimap, so you’ll have to be mindful of where you look.

Once inside the cavernous chamber, the only walkable platforms will be the makeshift bridges on the central pillars. At first glance, it doesn’t look like you can do anything in this space. But what you need to do is to kill this jelly enemy that’s stuck in the pipe. (You should also kill the surrounding enemies too.)

The moment the monster is defeated, water will start to flow into the chamber. And now the waiting game begins.

If you look hard enough, you’ll notice these pieces of wood at the bottom of the chamber. Guess what? You need them to reach the place where the Meridian is. Moreover, it’s going to take some time before there is enough water for you to “safely” reach the other side.

You’ll have to wait 2 hours in real life time until the chamber fills up. We hope you can distract yourself long enough for the chamber to fill with water. You can pass the time by running loops around the dungeon. (Don’t worry about dying, it’s all part of passing the time.) Or you can go AFK and read a book or something.

When the two hours are up, the chamber will have filled to the point that you can reach that side chamber on the far side. Be really careful at this point. We advise landing on the long portion of the rafts. You didn’t wait all this time to just die from a misplaced jump, right?

A little further inside the chamber, you will find the Meridian right next to a corpse. All that waiting and all you have to show for it is a very handy grenade launcher posing as a handgun while using handgun ammo.

Meridian Grenade Launcher Details

The biggest advantage Meridian has over other “handgun” weapons is its ability to crowd control. The second advantage is that it’s just really fun to use. There’s something about the explosions that really entertain us. Plus, its built-in weapon mod isn’t so bad either. It’s a good option against rampaging Specials. Just do keep in mind that the splash damage does enough damage to kill you and your allies. Just a thought.

When fully upgraded, the Meridian does 250+ base damage. That’s enough to kill most mobs in one hit, regardless of the difficulty. The fact that you have 5 in the chamber is the cherry on top.

If there’s a downside to the weapon, it’s the fact that it doesn’t do weakspot damage. But through some clever magic involving rings and the right amulet, you can bypass the restriction by leaning more on its ability to hit Crits. And getting more crits more consistently.

And that’s everything we have on the Meridian. One of the most fun weapons that can actually carry to the late game with the right supporting items.

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