Metal Gear Solid Codec Frequencies (Master Collection)

CODEC was quite the novelty back then

In Metal Gear Solid, Codec is a fictional communication device that allows direct two-way audio communication from one character to another over different frequencies. These frequencies are numerical values that players can dial in the Codec screen to contact various characters and receive advice, background information, or advance the plot.

This guide will tell you all the Codec frequencies that are worth knowing in Metal Gear Solid.

This is a list of all the Codec frequencies you can call for help. There are a lot of lines in the game and they’re some of the best the series has to offer. One could say that the Codec peaked in the first game and it has failed to reach these heights ever since.

Metal Gear Solid Docks cover

140.85: Roy Campbell

Roy Campbell provides Snake with hints on how to advance a section. He also proved to be invaluable during boss fights like the time he gave advice to switch to the second controller port to defeat Psycho Mantis.

Naomi Hunter will sometimes chime in when her expertise is needed. She can provide details about the FOX-HOUND members as well as some hints to use while fighting them.

140.96: Mei Ling

Mei Ling is responsible for saving mission data. Call her up when you want your game saved when you are not busy dodging bullets. She also gives you different quotes and comments on their potential meaning.

141.80: Master Miller

A former survival instructor, he gives psychological advice as well as tips about various special techniques. He also tells stories about life in Alaska.

140.48: Deep Throat

A frequency you can’t call back. Deep Throat will occasionally drop in at certain points, giving you information that is crucial to your task at hand. It is very much worth hearing what he has to say if you’re new to the game.

141.52: Nastasha Romanenko

Resident weapons expert, Nastasha Romanenko provides Snake with information concerning firearms and the handling of nuclear weapons. You can listen in on what she says about a new weapon you’ve recently picked up.

What is Otacon’s frequency?

141.12: Otacon

Otacon is one of the few remaining staff members to have survived Shadow Moses, thanks to no small part to his stealth camo. (Though his meeting with Snake could have been… without accident.) Still, he knows a lot about the base and Metal Gear REX. His advice made all the difference during the REX boss fight. That’s the only time he can be relied upon, actually. Unless it’s more stories about Sniper Wolf.

What is Meryl’s frequency?

140.15: Meryl Silverburgh

Meryl’s soldiering career didn’t exactly start off with the right foot. She had to be in disguise after she escaped captivity, only to be captured again and used as bait to force Solid Snake into the open. Still, when she isn’t held against her will she does provide support and valuable background information in some of the facilities.

Hidden Codec Frequencies

When Metal Gear Solid Integral was released for the PS1 back in 2000, it expanded on some of the aspects of the first game, including a couple of hidden Codec frequencies.

140.07 – Developer Commentary

When you tap into this frequency, you’ll be able to listen to developer commentary about the game. Unfortunately, Integral’s version only had Japanese text and audio. The in-game Screenplay Books is a great alternative in the Master Collection for those who really want to go into detail.

140.66 – Hidden Audio Tracks

This frequency is usually full of static save for a couple of locations that allow you to listen to two music tracks from Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. The first area is the Canyon where you fight the tank boss. When you tap into this frequency at this location, you will hear the ‘Theme of Solid Snake’ in the background. The second area is in the Snowfields. This time it’s going to be the ‘Zanzibar Breeze’ music track playing.

The Codec is one of the things that is uniquely Metal Gear Solid. Apart from CQC, a little something Solid Snake conveniently forgot about until Guns of the Patriots. The Codec played a huge part in the series from directing players to the next objective, giving them clues to the task at hand, and even having philosophical talks about the worth of mankind. One never really knows what to expect when tapping into a frequency.

And that’s everything I have for all the Metal Gear Solid Codec frequencies. This is a very good time to be reminded of all the frequencies, not just for old grizzled veterans like myself, but for new players curious about what gaming was like in the PS1 era. May you have more wonderful moments like looking at the CD case for Meryl’s Codec frequency.