Metro Exodus New Trailer Released Focusing On Details About Game

Metro Exodus snowy landscape

Game developer A4 Games recently released a brand new trailer of upcoming video game Metro Exodus focusing on what the game is all about.

Metro Exodus trailer details

The brand new trailer talks about the game and its cinematic experience that wants viewers to get involved with an epic story-driven shooter. Players will need to survive in the game’s wasteland by utilizing the combat, exploration, survival skills, and stealth systems.

The trailer is aimed at introducing newcomers to the game. It also allows other players to catch up with the story if they did not follow the story that well. The seasons inside the game are also featured showing off how the environment changes from spring to winter.

The game’s gun customization mechanics are included here, which briefly introduces the system to newcomers to the IP. It also tells the viewers that this game will not have any pointless fetch quests or any busy work in the open levels. The objectives are narrative-driven and woven seamlessly into the main story.

The game will launch on Feb. 15. It will be available on PC via The Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Check out the trailer below: