Metro Exodus Sequel Reportedly Now Fully Playable

Not only is the sequel revealed, it seems it is now fully playable.

A new report has revealed that a Metro Exodus sequel is now in development and also fully playable.

According to a new report by Insider Gaming, its sources claim that the allegedly upcoming game sequel of Metro Exodus is now fully playable. While 4A Games has been very transparent with its development of a new game like this new Metro Exodus sequel, this time the new information was acquired from other sources.

Other details revealed were the possible reveal of the game which could be later this year. It also got a tentative release window of 2024.

Way back in 2020, 4A Games announced on its website and confirmed that it is already working on the next Metro game. This upcoming game will be built for Gen 9 consoles, which meant the Xbox Series X/S and the PS5, and of course the PC. The studio is also completely overhauling the engine and renderer to take advantage of the new power, storage, and hardware that supports ray tracing.

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No word yet on 4A Games official confirming or denying these new reports.

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