Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition Official Release Date Announced

Game company 4A Games has recently announced the official release date of upcoming Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition.

metro exodus pc enhanced edition

The developers revealed that the new version of the game will be released on May 6 for PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, Windows Store, and GOG. No word yet on the console versions, but there should be news later on.

The PC Enhanced Edition will feature a huge graphical upgrade including Ray Traced Emissive Lighting throughout the main game, a Field of View slider for the first time the Metro series, and DLSS 2.1 implementation. Since it is quite an extensive upgrade, it could not be delivered in just a patch. This will be available for free to all owners of the original for free as a separate entitlement.

The new post on Steam shared some FAQs as well like this game cannot turn of Ray Tracing because it was designed to be always on. There will be no AMD Super resolution support since it is not compatible with their rendering techniques. They did, however, offer the Temporal based reconstruction tech, which offers the same or better image quality benefits for all hardware.

Here are the sizes for this game:

Base Game – ~72.2 GB
The Two Colonels – ~1 GB
Sam’s Story – ~6.4GB
Total ~ 80 GB

Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition launches on PC on May 6.

Source: Steam