Metroid Dread ending details: secret ending and rewards

Dreading the end?

The world of Metroid has always been vast and mysterious. When one explores the world, they are usually rewarded with many small surprises that have been waiting for the player to discover.

So it begs to question if Metroid Dread has some sort of super-secret ending that we don’t know about, a mystery that transcends all that has transpired in the journey of Samus.

Well, let’s have a look, and don’t worry, this is a story spoiler-free as possible.

Metroid Dread – does it have a secret ending?

So is there a secret ending for Metroid Dread? Well, the answer is a resounding no. There aren’t even multiple endings at all so it’s only the one singular ending that we must accept.

Even should you choose to do basically everything in the game like clearing it under a certain time period, collecting all the items, or taking absolutely no damage gives you nothing in terms of changing the ending.

Samus fighting Experiment No. Z-57.

What are the Metroid Dread ending rewards?

However, there are things you can get if you do all those in the game as they are conditions that are required for getting different endgame rewards for the Chozo Archives in the Gallery. So to get the different rewards you will need to beat the game on either Normal or Hard mode and beat them under certain time frames of each difficulty.

Here’s the complete list of rewards:

  • Metroid: Zero Mission artwork – Beat the game on Normal difficulty.
  • Metroid: Samus Returns artwork – Beat the game on Normal in eight hours or less.
  • Super Metroid artwork – Beat the game on Normal in four hours or less.
  • Other M artwork – Beat the game on Hard difficulty.
  • Metroid Fusion artwork – Beat the game on Hard in eight hours or less.
  • Metroid Dread artwork – Beat the game on Hard in four hours or less.
  • Zero Suit Samus artwork – Unlocks after all other rewards are unlocked.

So yes, while some of you may be dreading on trying to get all the collectibles the game has to offer especially with trying to beat the game on Hard mode in four hours or less, at least it’s not an impossible feat especially since it will force you to basically “Git Gud” at least in Metroid Dread. So there’s only one way the story goes and nothing else changes aside from the artwork rewards.

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