Metroid Prime Remastered Impact Crater Walkthrough

How to go through the Impact Crater in Metroid Prime Remastered

Metroid Prime Remastered Impact Crater cover

The Impact Crater is one of the main locations in Metroid Prime Remastered and is considered as Area Zero that started the mass extinction in Tallon IV. As the name suggests, it is the impact site of the meteor that crashed into the planet several years prior to the events of the game. The meteor came from planet Phaaze and it brought along the highly mutagenic Phazon which caused most of the inhabitants of Tallon IV to mutate or die off.

Read ahead as we go through the Impact Crater level and give out pointers for objects of interest in the area.

How to access the Impact Crater

The entryway to the Impact Crater will become available once you defeat Meta Ridley at the Artifact Temple.

Impact Crater Walkthrough

As you arrive at the first chamber in side the crater, head through the next door. There will be a pit that you have to cross over by hovering. Scan the Lumigek that would be crawling on the other side of the pit as part of your completion.

You will eventually arrive at a larger chamber with floating platforms. There will be Fission Metroids going about in this sections, so be aware that they split when you shoot them and you will need to shoot the duplicates with your shots that match their colors.

Go across the chamber and past the central pillar to find a platform that is low enough for you to jump on. Then, use the white rocks on the side of the cave walls to go up higher. Continue hopping across the platforms until you reach a flat part of the central pillar. You’ll find a door on the side of the cave wall which leads you to a safe room.

After you are done with the safe room, follow the path to the left which leads to more platforms. You will then end up at another door higher up in the chamber. Pass through the door to reach the next area.

In this area, you will have to traverse a long corridor in Morph Ball mode using the magnetic rails on the walls and ceiling to avoid the caustic floor. Once you reach the next door, you may want to consider creating a different save file first as you will be facing Metroid Prime past this door. This duplicate save file will be helpful if you want to re-explore the previous places to search for the collectibles items and get a 100% completion (and possible see the Secret Ending).

Once you are ready, go through the door and prepare to fight the final boss, Metroid Prime.

Check out this video by Vinesauce: The Full Sauce showing how to go through the Impact Crater in Metroid Prime Remastered:

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