Microsoft Flight Simulator Runs Smoothly on Xbox Due to Optimization

Expect the PC build to have big improvements too.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator is known for its high demand for PC hardware system requirements and if it just dips a bit, the game stutters a lot. Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator Jorg Neumann now says the Xbox version is running smoothly compared to the previous PC version.

Neumann believes that the game does not need high requirements in order to run smoothly with a steady 30 frames per second on PC. In fact, the Xbox version can do that with the optimizations they have done to the game.

“From day one, we decided that we couldn’t sacrifice quality,” Neumann explained. “It needs to be completely intact and maybe even better.”

“The good news is that it looks great and it plays in some ways better because there is so much optimization work that has been done.

“Some of the stutters that we saw on PC… For instance, when you take your A320 over New York, even on my PC it starts to be not-so-30 frames per second. On Xbox, it is 30 frames per second.”

Neumann also revealed that the PC build has also benefitted from these changes and he is happy to report that the performance has now dramatically improved. “I’m very happy that the transition has been completed and that the quality is great,” he revealed.

Expect Microsoft Flight Simulator to be super smooth on the Xbox Series X/S when it launches on July 27, 2021.

Interview source: Twinfinite