Minecraft Legends Trailer Released

A new fiery enemy appears!

Mojang Studios has recently released the new Minecraft Legends trailer.

The latest trailer gives fans of Minecraft a first preview of the upcoming game’s gameplay. This was recently shown at the ongoing Gamescom 2022 event.

Minecraft Legends is a game set in the Overworld of Legends. It is a stunning and once-peaceful land, but it is now under constant threat of the ravaging piglins. Now it is up to the players to unite some new friends and older acquaintances to defend this world before it is too late.

The gameplay video shows how players will be controlling the vast armies of Overworld against the hungry piglins. They can command their soldiers to go to a specified spot where they would either defend it or invade and attack enemies currently stationed there. The army controlled by the players can defeat the piglins, destroy structures, and tidy up the place after it got ruined by their invaders.

Aside from the piglins, there seem to be other enemy units that can be summoned to the battlefield. They look like giant armored warriors that could be almost invincible against most attacks. The trailer then ends at that reveal, but Mojang did say they will share more details later on.

minecraft legends trailer

Minecraft Legends launches in 2023 on Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Windows, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.