Minecraft To Get PS VR Support This Month

Minecraft PS VR

Game developer Mojang Studios recently announced that popular video game Minecraft will get PlayStation VR support this month.

The PS VR support was already in the plans for a while since Mojang Studios got the okay from Sony Interactive Entertainment after bringing cross platform play and the Bedrock version to the PS4. It was never about being able to, it was about when they were able to release it.

The PS VR support is still in development, but it is nearing its completion and promised to be release within this month. It will arrive via a patch for the main game and will be implemented automatically. After downloading and implementing it, players will gain access to the new VR functionality in the menu. The PS VR setup will be needed as well.

The PS VR setup will be the same gameplay done in Minecraft, but now with PS VR technology. There will be changes like new settings and guidance so that players can tweak their VR experience to their personal customizations. There are two ways to enjoy the game: VR: Immersive and Living Room modes.

Just like the main game, players will need to use the DualShock 4 controller to move around and do crafting, but they will be fully immersed in VR.

Source: PlayStation Blog